529 total / 0 in 2018

Long term- Workout 20 days a month.Stay injury free and fat free. Short term- Actually run the entire distance in the next marathon !!!

Wall of Motivation (32)

  1. Srini
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Anand V.
      Great Performance

    Superb run Vijay. on a workout

  3. Anil S.
      Great Performance

    Super vijay, things are improving well.. on a workout

  4. Ramesh S.
      Great Performance

    good one vijay on a workout

  5. Viji S.
      Great Performance

    Well done ....saw u speeding past me....... on a workout

  6. Ramesh S.
      Nice Job

    good run vijay. thanks for the company. you were doing great. was looking for... read more

  7. Anand V.
      Great Performance

    very nice half. on a workout

  8. Anil S.
      Great Performance

    Great Vijay, sorry left you at and went ahead on a workout

  9. Anand V.

    Congrats on your PB. Every PB is well earned and needs celebration! on a workout

  10. Manivannan S V.
      Great Performance

    greeat job on bettering your marathon times. :) on a workout

  11. Anand R.
      Great Performance

    Great improvement Vijay. Hope the cheer helped :-) on a workout

  12. Anand V.
      Nice Job

    Super run Vijay. You've had quite a few long runs lately, nice run up to SCMM. on a workout

  13. Anil S.
      Great Performance

    Vijay your training is going awsome.. on a workout

  14. Fatboy
      Get Better

    Well done! Hope u recover in time for a strong scmm... on a workout

  15. Anil S.
      Nice Job

    supeb run, you have been very steady.. on a workout

  16. Anand V.
      Nice Job

    Thats great. A run every other day when travelling is not easy to manage. on a workout

  17. Anand V.
      Nice Job

    Yes, u need a few more of these! on a workout

  18. Anil S.

    super effort vijay on a workout

  19. Anil S.
      Great Performance

    thats good timing man on a workout

  20. Anil S.
      Great Performance

    Timing are coming up like any thing.. on a workout

  21. Manivannan S V.
      Great Performance

    Super pace. great seeing you and selva sir. you two were coasting along. on a workout

  22. Anand V.
      Nice Job

    Great pace for a steady run. on a workout

  23. Sivakumar

    great perseverance and job completed.congrats on a workout

  24. Anand V.
      Great Performance

    Congratulations on your second marathon Vijay. Wow, you really toughed it out... read more

  25. Manivannan S V.
      Great Performance

    Awesome grit and endurance. to be on the road for that long is a great thing ... read more

  26. Anand R.
      You're an Inspiration

    amazing perseverance Vijay. It shows your mental strength. on a workout

  27. Anand V.
      Nice Job

    Very nice Vijay :) on a workout

  28. Anand R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Thanks Vijay for the company today. I like your run less, run better policy. on a workout

  29. Manivannan S V.
      Great Performance

    great run. congratulations on your first full. on a workout

  30. Anand R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great run Vijay. Dont know how i missed cheering you there.. saw Mr Selvanaya... read more

  31. Shahul H.
      Great Performance

    Congratulations on your maiden Full. Awesome timing for a first time and that... read more

  32. Anand V.
      Great Performance

    Congratulations Vijay on your first full. I thought you were running the half... read more