Wall of Motivation (568)

  1. Angie M.
      Nice Job

    Nice recovery :) on a workout

  2. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Protein on the go! Excellent time! on a workout

  3. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Go on wit yo bad self! on a workout

  4. Augie S.

    Beast!! on a workout

  5. Wim G.
      Nice Job

    Absolutely great effort on a workout

  6.   Cheers

    Some Garmin's have that "Back to Start" feature. on a workout

  7. Gayle R.
      Good Luck

    Sounds like you are all ready to "rock" it this weekend! on a workout

  8. Doosti K.
      Good Luck

    Wishing You all the best wishes, on a workout

  9. Gayle R.
      Nice Job

    Nice pacing! on a workout

  10. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    So, you ran to the coffee shop, drank hot coffee, then ran home? You're a bra... read more

  11. Dominique
      Great Performance

    You never stop! Great Job! on a workout

  12. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    BEAST! on a workout

  13. Angie M.

    Nice job!!!! Congrats on Age group :) on a workout

  14. Kim G.
      Nice Job

    Good job sticking with it!!! on a workout

  15. Maureen
      Good Luck

    Good luck tomorrow!!! on a workout

  16. Angie M.
      Nice Job

    Nice run :) on a workout

  17. Maureen
      Nice Job

    I think every time we do a marathon, we learn a little something about oursel... read more

  18. Ron W.

    grats on the PR. That 5 minutes should be easy to make up, especially conside... read more

  19. Chelsey F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome PR today, Tracey! I have no doubt that you'll BQ!!! on a workout

  20. Shayla D.
      Great Performance

    great PR today! on a workout

  21. Dominique
      Great Performance

    Great job Tracey!! Congrats on the PR! Great pace! on a workout

  22.   You're Badass

    Boston Strong on a workout

  23.   Good Luck

    I'm predicting a PR? on a workout

  24.   Cheers

    Tamarindo, Guanacaste : Costa Rica? on a workout

  25. Angie M.
      Great Performance

    Way to push!!! on a workout

  26. Chelsey F.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic race Tracey! on a workout

  27. Angie M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great work way to push!!! on a workout

  28. Sun T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on the new PR and what a great race! I think you're definitely on tr... read more

  29. Angie M.
      Nice Job

    Nice job :) on a workout

  30. Sun T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Love your attitude, Tracey! Great workout and looking forward to hear how the... read more

  31. Tony M.
      Great Performance

    You are awesome! on a workout

  32. Sun T.

    Awesome job, Tracey! You ran a great race and it was nice seeing you at the f... read more

  33. Sun T.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic race, Tracey! I'm so glad to hear all of your training paid off wit... read more

  34. Larissa M.
      Nice Job

    Congats! Hope it was a cooler year. Enjoy your achievement! on a workout

  35. Amanda F.
      Great Performance

    Yeah Tracey!!! This is AWESOME!!! So cool to pass people at the end. Amazing!... read more

  36.   You're an Inspiration

    Good luck! on a workout

  37. James S.
      Great Performance

    Nice run and good luck! on a workout

  38. Dominique
      Great Performance

    Great job Tracey!! Your training is definitely paying off. You will Nail Ch... read more

  39. Ron W.
      Nice Job

    Like a Boss! on a workout

  40. Tony M.
      You're an Inspiration

    That is very impressive. on a workout

  41. Troy A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well Done! on a workout

  42. Jay D.
      Great Performance

    Great job. on a workout

  43. Diana C.
      Nice Job

    Awesome. on a workout

  44.   Congrats

    Nice race Tracey! on a workout

  45. Miranda Z.
      Nice Job

    Awesome, girl. Way to gut it out! on a workout

  46. Angie M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to go!!! on a workout

  47. Amanda F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Tracey - 3 half marathons?? This is so awesome and so INSANE!!! hahaha. Way t... read more

  48.   Hi-five

    Have fun on the mini vacation! on a workout

  49. Annie
      Great Performance

    Great job, Tracey! on a workout

  50. Colleen E.
      Nice Job

    Eeeshh, shredding in head and humidity?! You are super committed! I don't t... read more