Friends (41)

  • Amanda A.

    Amanda A.

    Council Bluffs, IA, Goal? Don't die, that's my goal.

  • Shiloah B.

    Shiloah B.

    Stuttgart, DE, To lose 40 more pounds, have a healthy baby.

  • Heather U.

    Heather U.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Ran my first 5k in 2010, first 13.1 in 2012. Now I am a certified personal trainer & aqua fitness instructor, helping others to discover a healthy lifestyle.

  • Heather S.
  • Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    Kansas City, KS, just trying to get more fit! =)

  • Julie D.

    Julie D.

    US, I don't sweat, I sparkle. Just trying to keep up with my super fast friends!

  • Lisa D.

    Lisa D.

    Fort Bragg, NC, To run my first half-marathon in 2015 and get stronger.

  • Michele M.

    Michele M.

    Northern, VA, Run another 1/2 Marathon in 2012

  • Kelly M.

    Kelly M.

    NJ, Susan G. Komen 5k (9.30.12) DONE! ~~ Rothman Institute 8k (11.17.12) DONE! ~~ Rutgers Unite Half Marathon (4.21.13)

  • Laura S.

    Laura S.

    US, Loving the 50s and continuing to run for the health of it and the fun of it rocking my "granny" pace all the way.

  • Kelly


    US, To SPARKLE as I Run, Bike & if I have to... occasionally swim.

  • Karianna


    , Had spinal surgery July 2012 - so am slooooowly getting back into the swing of things!

  • Connie W.

    Connie W.

    Denver, CO, Lose 10 pounds before my husband's 30 year high school reunion.

  • Renee J R.

    Renee J R.

    Atlanta, GA, Savannah Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon November 5, 2011 Miami Latin Music 1/2 Marathon December 9, 2011

  • Brandi B.

    Brandi B.

    Colorado Springs, CO, Bolder Boulder 10K

  • Jennifer G.

    Jennifer G.

    MD, 2012 Marathon or two? 2011 Conquered:Frederick 1/2 Marathon - Spring 2011 Baltimore Full Marathon - Fall 2011

  • Cassandra B.

    Cassandra B.

    Phoenix, AZ,

  • Stacey F.

    Stacey F.

    Silver Spring, MD, Weight loss, heart health and endurance.

  • Lotus C.

    Lotus C.

    Austin, TX, Life.

  • Annette H.
  • Carrie L.

    Carrie L.

    US, Run, Bike, Swim & Sparkle

  • Emmie J.

    Emmie J.

    , get back into shape after left calf injury. increase strength and flexibility.

  • Liz


    San Diego, CA, 2011 goal was Ragnar. Done! Would like to run an injury-free Rock & Roll Half and use my wetsuit once to swim in the ocean (big fear)

  • Michelle H.

    Michelle H.

    The Sea Ranch, CA, To get in shape, lose weight, be able to play soccer again and run half marathons (preferably on trails).

  • Fiona B.

    Fiona B.

    Denver, CO, To kick ass every day. Finish Oct Rock n' Roll Marathon.