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Run my first half marathon in May 2012!...ACHIEVED! Now what??

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  • Lani Y.

    Lani Y.

    Fort Benning, GA, 2018 Goals - Continue to improve fitness after 2017's breast cancer/mastectomy/chemo/radiation/reconstruction. Score 270 on Army PT test. Run a half marathon.

  • Jackie F.

    Jackie F.

    Columbus, OH, Sub-2:20 half marathon.

  • Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Columbus, OH, To run the Columbus Full Marathon in October and remain injury free.

  • Todd T.

    Todd T.

    Canton, OH,

  • Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    London, GB, My goal is to run hard run fast have fun and stay fit!

  • Drew G.

    Drew G.

    , 1700 miles in 2014

  • Peter R.

    Peter R.

    San Jose, CA, Become the best I can be in all areas of life & through my dedication & successes be an inspiration to others! We must become the change we want to see. -Gandhi

  • Caitlin


    Wilsonville, OR, Get healthy and stay healthy. Complete more half marathons and another ultra. Most importantly, have fun!

  • Erika J.

    Erika J.

    Marana, AZ, 10 mile's a week in June!

  • Kelly S.

    Kelly S.

    Mt Vernon, OH, I completed my first 5k 7/12 and ran the Cap City Patron Quarter Marathon on 5/4/13. My goal is to run the Cap City Half in 2014.

  • Edward P.

    Edward P.

    NJ, Living the dream. BQ -5 min at Jacksonville 12/29 since my -10 sec qualifier didn't hold up for 2014.

  • Jordan T.

    Jordan T.

    Decatur, IL,

  • Kobi


    , Mark every tree, rock, or straw bale on the bike trail. Maybe win the Fido Scurry 5k in 2012!

  • Kelly


    US, To SPARKLE as I Run, Bike & if I have to... occasionally swim.

  • Staci T.

    Staci T.

    Paris, OH, to run my first 5K

  • Jessica A.

    Jessica A.

    Rochester, NY, Musselman half ironman in less than 8 hours. I'm new to Rochester and would love to meet some new people!

  • L B P

    L B P

    Peninsula, OH, 1. Stay injury-free 2. Negative splits and strong finishes 3. 3:25 or better 4. Get my ass out of transitions faster!

  • Deanna F.

    Deanna F.

    Columbus, OH, Improve my time to 11 minute miles. Someday be able to run 5 miles without stopping to walk!

  • Matt G.

    Matt G.

    Scottsdale, AZ, Get back in shape with a combination of biking, tennis, and 100 X challenges.

  • Annie G.

    Annie G.

    New Zealand, NZ, Back again!! I'm trying for the Idita-Walk Challenge again. 1049 minutes of walking in the next 35 days, starting February 1st.