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What a day. A bunch of things went wrong, but not in a really disastrous way.

1. Garmin FAIL leading to personal FAIL
I uploaded the course to the garmin the night before, then headed out at 5:10am. Got to the corner, went to select it and it wasn't there. So I went back inside, reloaded and hit the road again. Unfortunately, I left my keys behind so was locked out. Poo.

2. Dumb cameraperson award goes to...
Me. I turned on the chesty as I went over Brooklyn Bridge. Was stoked to catch a marriage proposal in the middle (proposee was squealing and calling someone as she kept holding out her hand to look at the ring. Proposer was leaning on the rail looking sheepish). Then had a perfect run over to the westside and turned the camera off. Did a few more "runs" of footage, then looked down and realized I had it on photo setting. Meaning the Brooklyn Bridge part consisted of one photo at the start of the bridge. I thought I fixed it, but the next section was shot in repeating photo mode, meaning I had a shot ever 2 seconds for 165 photos. Gah! I got my shit together eventually. I'm working on the video now.

3. Sunscreen FAIL
See photo to come.

4. Garmin FAIL two.
About 2hrs in, I flipped the readout over to map to watch the little arrow follow the squiggly route line. There was no route. I stopped and looked in the course list, it was completely gone, despite me having selected it. Once I got past Nyack, I had to find my way by memory of creating the route from the night before. An additional oddity - I was racing a virtual partner who thrashed me in this non-existent route. I wasn't even half way at that point.

5. Jersey FAIL
I'm blaming the jersey, but this was 100 percent me. I stopped at around 80 miles to scoff down a protein bar. I got it out of my backpack (which I'd taken to carry my big camera and a frozen Gatorade - awesome idea btw). I was near the end where the path gets narrow, so I didn't really want anyone to pass me. Decided to eat it once I got off the bridge, so I reached back and awkwardly put it into my back pocket - bear in mind I'm also wearing a backpack, so it's very awkward. Then I boogie on down the path and keep going. I actually ride all the way to riverside drive before deciding to eat it. IT WAS GONE! That's all I'm going to say.

6. Hill fail
Long before that happened I discovered that once you get past Nyack and head on up toward Bear Mountain, you'll hit some gnarly hills. To the point where when you finally are flying down a long hill at 40mph, instead of thinking "Shit yeah, I'm going fast!", all you can think is "oh shit, I'm going to have to climb this on the way back." I also, for the first time ever, had to put my foot down and walk a little. Sadly it was on a very short hill - it was just a steep SOB.

7. Social interaction fail
So. The locked out of the apartment situation. I dropped by my friend's house - she couldn't find my spare as she's just moved. My backup plan was scotched on the rocks. Only option left was my super, and I hate bothering him on a Sunday. Nevertheless, when you've just ridden 100 miles, you pretty much are one selfish muttha with a shower on her mind. I guts upped and rang his bell. No answer, though I could hear the loudest television on earth. I bump into his wife as I drag my sorry ass back to my floor and she calls him. When I chat with him at my door, it's all jovial and grateful and apologetic and so sorry blah blah. I was so happy he was home (and he told me I was lucky he was). When I got inside and looked in the mirror, I had a giant black line of tire grime smudge of my face from when I'd changed my flat. He never said a thing.

But enough with the negative. I saw a bunch of wild animals today, including what I think was a groundhog. Yes, I created some wicked tanlines, but I don't really care. I discovered the awesomeness of beef jerky on a ride - it really gave me a kick, and although I was slow, I didn't really feel beat. Only when I was on those hills, but I recovered pretty quick after each one.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now. Have to go see if I can salvage some footage for a video highlight reel.

  • Samantha G.
    Samantha G.

    I'm glad that despite all the poopy things that happened, you had an awesome ride!

    almost 9 years ago Like