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Jeffrey logged 564 miles.

Last workout over 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. swim
    good 24-hour fitness North Hollywood 3000 m

    Hello again, time to start tracking my distances!
    Long swim...
    2x100's warm ups
    1x100 backstroke
    1x500-400-300-200-100 pyramid

    • Michele

      Welcome Back!!! I was just thinking about you and the pool...Athlete intuition?

      over 7 years ago Like

  2. RUN
    18000 m

    Some low ball fill in for the 2 weeks prior swimming...

  3. RUN
    injured Return to exercise... Hip sti... 3.1 mi 00:26 08:19 pace

    Well... been having issues with my left IT band lately. It's been very tight and I have "snapping hip" syndrome (always have when stretching), it's finally beginning to bother m... read more

    • Michele

      take care of that hip..says old crickety me. get yourself a foam roller or tiger stick,and stretch that puppy out after wards...ALOT!

      almost 8 years ago Like

  4. RUN
    good Treadmill fatty run 3.1 mi 00:25 07:56 pace

    After a lazy day with too many fatty girl scout cookies, decided to get a run in. Good pace, pushed it a bit more, but my left hip is bothering me again...

  5. Desert International Sprint Tri Report - Season starter!
    Great race, I pulled in a new personal best on a longer sprint course. My swim time was amazing placing me in the top 25 for the race, trans... read more

  6. RUN
    Desert Int'l Sprint Tri Part 3 3.1 mi 00:25 07:54 pace

    T2 was 2:34, I'm a little surprised I spent that long in there, probably b/c I walked my bike instead of running on my cleats. I'm pretty amazed that this was my run time, it's a gre... read more

  7. VELO
    Desert Int'l Sprint Tri Part 2 14 mi 00:44 19.1mph pace

    Very good bike time for me for this distance! T1 time was 3:01 which I can def cut down some more.The course was pretty flat, was able to build up some great speed and then easy cruising! Just unde... read more

  8. swim
    great Desert Int'l Sprint Tri part 1 500 m 00:09:17 29:52 pace

    Swim was awesome, came out one of the fastest in my wave (4th or 5th out per aunty in the <34 male, elite and military wave). Overall was #24 in swim time in the whole field, and I definitely co... read more

  9. swim
    Finally hit the pool 2200 yd

    Got back in the pool for a rushed swim before dinner just to get my body back into it before the tri. Practiced 600 yd sets (in prep for sat's 500m), kept the intervals shorter to push myself ... read more

  10. RUN
    great Run run run 4 mi 00:32 07:55 pace

    Good fast run! Prep for the weekend's tri before any taper!
    3 mi @ 23:39
    5k @ 24:24
    Treadmill @ 1.5% incline

  11. RUN
    great Run run run 4 mi 00:32 07:55 pace

    Good fast run! Prep for the weekend's tri before any taper!
    3 mi @ 23:39
    5k @ 24:24
    Treadmill @ 1.5% incline

  12. VELO
    good 15 miler 15 mi 00:56 16.1mph pace

    ...cleared cyclocomp before logging, but this is an estimate of my ride

  13. RUN
    alright Blahh treadmill run 3.1 mi 00:25 08:02 pace

    Blahhhh run, good sub-25 pace, but wasn't feeling it. Legs were stiff, left hip was being annoying, and I just didnt have the energy. Didn't help that the spicy burrito I had for lunch de... read more

    • Michele
      Michele Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Jeff, just saw all of your are doing great neph! living vicariously thru you - I can't fathom such speed!. Can't wait to see you next weekend, #1 fan Aunty M!

      about 8 years ago

  14. VELO
    good 12.5 miler 12.51 mi 00:46 16.3mph pace

    Short ride out n about. a bit of headwind if I recall.

  15. RUN
    great Again new record run! Goal(s)... 4 mi 00:32 07:57 pace

    Awesome run, kept a fast pace the whole way with few slow downs! Aside from 3 20-30sec slowdowns to 4mph kept my pace above 7.7 the whole time.
    3 miles @ 23:49 <- sub-8 3m!
    5k @ 24:32 <- su... read more

  16. swim
    Long Swim! 2700 yd

    Great swim, warmed up and planned to do 500's, but I hit my "stride" again and just kept going until 2000 and in pretty damn good time the whole way. Just over 1:31/100 pace total.

    ... read more

  17. VELO
    good 15 mile easy ride 15.14 mi 00:56 16.3mph pace

    Took chandler the whole way... not as many stop lights but still plenty to deal with... I wish I could just go out and ride for 20 miles uninterrupted and without crazy LA drivers!

  18. swim
    good VNSO 500 yd Sets 2600 yd

    Pace is beginning to come back, was able to break 7:30 for a 500yd swim again, now just need to step it up with the endurance!
    5x100 @ 1:15, 1:19, 1:23, 1:26, 1:25
    1x100 backstroke (stretch)
    3x500 ... read more

    • MadeUpName

      Good session Jeff..... need to get some rides in if your gonna take on an Oly or two this year ;)

      about 8 years ago Like

  19. RUN
    great Fast tready 4m run! 4 mi 00:32 08:03 pace

    Wow... I don't know where this speed is coming from... I attribute it to not biking over the weekend and not running for a while, must have had really fresh legs. Also a bit surprising since m... read more

  20. swim
    good VNSO Swim Pyramid 2100 yd

    Ok swim, just quickly in and out for about 45 mins since I didn't go for a bike ride... ok pace, about at target 1:30/100 for distance
    5x100 @ 1:16, 1:22, 1:25, 1:26, 1:25
    1x100 @ 1:26
    1x200 @... read more