528 total / 0 in 2019

(1) Turkey Tri (11/28) (2) Gladiator Rock n Run

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  • Jen P.

    Jen P.

    Yorba Linda, Ca, Returning to long distance running after having 2 kids in 21 months. Training for the San Fran 1/2 Mary. PR's- 5K 21:43, Half Mary 1:41, Full Mary 3:44

  • Amy F.

    Amy F.

    Costa Mesa, CA, I just want to be healthy and live long! :)

  • Sel M.

    Sel M.

    Istanbul, TR, Run the Eurasia 15K Race under 60' This is the run which is from Asia to Europe unique on earth.

  • Ijaz


    Los Angeles, CA, Sub 4 marathon

  • Liz R.

    Liz R.

    St. Louis, MO, Work up to regularly running 10k distances on weekends. Get back into swimming shape.

  • Ruben M.

    Ruben M.

    CA, Just keep enjoying Running on the Road and Trail

  • Eddie D.

    Eddie D.

    Los Angeles, CA, 1:27 Half Marathon; Sub 3 Marathon

  • Mike F.

    Mike F.

    Mandayulong, PH, To run for a full marathon after my achilles tendon is fully recovered.

  • Christian S.

    Christian S.

    Hermosa Beach, CA, Sub-4-Hour Marathon (LA Marathon 2016)

  • Janeesee


    Studio City, CA, To run consistently.

  • Zach E.

    Zach E.

    Los Angeles, CA, 1. Run injury free 2015 miles in 2015 2: BQ - DONE! (3:08:06) 3: Run sub 3 hours for 26.2

  • Angelo R.

    Angelo R.

    San Diego, CA, Completed the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon Time 4:22, first full 26.2.. Completed 2-more full 26.2, 2011 and 2013, 2-tough mudders, 1-spara1-atlas mud races..

  • Coach C

    Coach C

    Los Angeles, CA, Regaining Sub 2 Half Marathon Pace after several months injury recovery.

  • Alice


    Los Angeles, CA, trim belly fat gained from groin injury hibernation and get back into shape w/o further aggravating said groin injury.

  • Raciel D.

    Raciel D.

    Los Angeles, CA, 2016 Goals: Run two 50kms. Complete Ironman 70.3

  • Coachprs


    Fort Collins, CO, I coach runners and triathletes. This year I will be doing a full IM

  • Bill K.

    Bill K.

    Irvine, CA, Sub-14:00 at Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013 (6200 ft. elevation)

  • Di C.

    Di C.

    Winnetka, CA, Improve on my 4:29:59 PR after LA Marathon 2010 and continue PrayeRuns. Log no less than 25 miles per month.

  • Robert C.

    Robert C.

    Kennewick, WA, CDL Iron Man June 29, 2014

  • Marvin C.

    Marvin C.

    Weston, FL, 21k-1:30 (2/26 ran 1:40); 10k-39 min (2/5 ran 41:34); 5k-19 min (7/12 ran 20:04); beat best Army 2 mile time of 13:05 (DONE), BQ & ultra (DONE) barefoot

  • Mickey W.

    Mickey W.

    Lawrence, KS, Endurance adventures, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, and running races and training.

  • Joey C.

    Joey C.

    Antioch, CA, 50 marathons by 50 years old. 38 done. 12 more. 3 years to go.

  • Scott C.

    Scott C.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, 2013: Escape From Alcatraz (DONE); , Dwight Crum Pier 2 Pier Swim (DONE), Malibu Tri (DONE & WON), MCM (DONE), 2014 Ironman Canada

  • Trace B.

    Trace B.

    Fresno, CA, To continuously improve myself as a person and a runner. To stay healthy and injury-free.

  • Aimee Z.

    Aimee Z.

    Epping, NH, To get in shape and model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. Now that I have completed goals of 5k, 10k, half and full marathons...thinking of pursuing ULTRAS