12064 total / 283 in 2014

To get in shape, become better on my bike and have some "me" time!

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  • Steve S.

    Steve S.

    San Diego, CA, 2014 - IMAZ

  • Scott J.

    Scott J.

    Cape Coral, FL, 1. Have fun 2. Ride every day 3. Core workout every day 4. 200k Brevet 5. 12,000 miles 6. Florida Senior Games (5k/10k TT & 20k/40k Road Race)

  • Eric M.

    Eric M.

    Hugoton, KS, 6 Century Rides This Year

  • George H.

    George H.

    Indianapolis, IN, The National EMS Memorial Ride In 2014.

  • Jeff L.

    Jeff L.

    Southlake, TX, A Century Ride every month in 2014; MS150; crush a few t-shirt rides; maybe another Bike Camp deal; and perhaps 12,000 total miles, but not mandatory.

  • Ryan


    Logan, UT, Lose another 25lbs. to make 100lbs weight loss total since the beginning of my journey! Finish 2014 St. George 70.3 in under 6 hours!!!! Finish LOTOJA!!!!

  • Kevin M.

    Kevin M.

    Lancashire, UK, To RIDE, RIDE, and RIDE again weather permitting and to hook up with as many DM'ers is personas possible

  • Steve T.

    Steve T.

    Idaho Falls, ID, exercise and fitness

  • Christian M.

    Christian M.

    Chicago, IL, Ride 5,000 miles in 2014

  • Shareen M.

    Shareen M.

    Cheyenne, WY, My goal is to train smarter. I aim to be faster & stronger! "RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!" Our slogan from our team

  • Jeremy B.

    Jeremy B.

    Nibley, UT, Get down to 150 pounds before Lotoja. Improve my TT time to average 25 mph at the cache junction TT. Finish Lotoja under10 hrs.

  • Kris R.

    Kris R.

    Seattle, WA, 62137.1 mi lifetime DailyMiles by end of year 2014, and to recover from the various injuries I've received this year.

  • Kelly P.

    Kelly P.

    Numata Shi, JP, Ride as many KMs as I can and enter as many races as I can. All without neglecting family.

  • Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Omaha, NE, Continue maintaining riding/running a century per week year-round & increase power. Also step up my power yoga and core work to increase overall wellness.

  • Alex J.

    Alex J.

    Pocatello, ID, Goals for 2012: Complete one 8 week training cycle

  • Scott R A.

    Scott R A.

    Orem, UT, If I don't succeed I'm going to die trying.

  • Mark E.

    Mark E.

    Saco, ME, Recover from back surgery, Run/Walk 75 mi, Cycle 1500, with 2+ Century Rides Just for the 2014 Century Challenge, Maybe a tri or two for good measure

  • Charlie G.

    Charlie G.

    Fanwood, NJ, It's a new year so new goals... 2000 on the bike 300 running 50 swimming

  • Nicolas M.

    Nicolas M.

    Kokomo, IN, For 2012 ride at least one century, and do some kind of triathalon. Have a 1000 mile month.

  • Jess


    Idaho Falls, ID, To keep moving and not give up.

  • Ross H.

    Ross H.

    Batavia, IL, Race Ironman Boulder

  • Jose S.

    Jose S.

    Indianapolis, IN, health and happiness, get myself into some races and hopefully some triathlons too! and any other athletic trouble i can get myself into.

  • Scott G.

    Scott G.

    , Hope to do Mt Mitchell in May, 2014. My goal is to log 3000 miles and 30K vertical feet(in the very flat, Tampa, FL area) starting Nov 1.

  • Erin B.

    Erin B.

    Denver, CO, Do PT consistently for my knee, swim and bike - then Boston 2013 - 3:35 !, Aim for about 8 hours of activity a week. Sprint Tri in the early summer.

  • Robyn N.