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  • 5 miles
  • 01:07 time
  • 12:37 pace
  • 606 calories
  • 1017 ft climb
  • 174 max hr
  • 133 avg hr
    • Currently /5 Effort.
    effort /5
injured Lake Almaden 5.29 mi 01:07 12:37 pace

Shit. Am I through with running thing altogether?

I've lost 34 pounds, I routinely run more than 20 miles a week, I feel great and badass and not as old as my advanced years. I like knowing that if my car runs out of gas 15 miles from home, I'll still make it back.

However, today my left knee only lasted two miles.

Its a beautiful day, I was energetic, my early pace was great (for me), but then my knee announced itself after 1.3, began really hurting at 2, and was excruciating from 2.5 on. My plan was for six. I hobbled back barely making it past five.

Stand up and look down at your left knee. The lower left side (if it were a clock, look at 10:30) is where the icepick is. I tried every combination today. No knee strap, light knee strap, knee strap so tight it cut off circulation. While walking, no pain. But while running slow, so slow that my feet barely got off the ground, terrible pain. That's something I can't figure out. My body doesn't appear to do anything differently between walking and incredibly slow jogging, but my knee feels every step.

Of course the trail was crowded today, and I wanted to explain to all the healthy, smiling, running people that I used to be one of them, but now I'm the guy gritting his teeth and swearing under his breath until forced to stop.

Instead of using my normal walk/run intervals, I let me knee decide for me. The walks were nearly a minute, the runs were often 100 yards long at most.

I am not prepared for the depression of not running. I will get on my bike tomorrow to see if I feel any better about things. I have a marathon in 14 days. There's no way I'll be able to finish it.

Should I see a sports medicine doc? What if s/he says "you're too old" or "you need to stop", or worse, "surgery is your only option".

I am anti-pill, but I took some Advil and did some icing.

I don't want to stop running. It makes me so happy.

  • Borlan
    Borlan Get Better
    Get Better:

    Yeah, sounds like it's time to see a sports doc. Biking will definitely help and it's just as fun as running. That's what I do when things start getting sore for me.

    about 6 years ago