Friends (17)

  • Cameron F.

    Cameron F.

    Oakville, ON,

  • Paul F.

    Paul F.

    Gaithersburg, MD, My 2017 goal is to spend more time training and drop being the race director for the Seneca Marathon after this springs race

  • Cynthia


    Oakville, ON, Have fun and stay sane while trying to get faster and chase my dreams.

  • Hubert K.

    Hubert K.

    Toronto, ON, Base Training

  • Zale T.

    Zale T.

    Toronto, ON, Running Goals: Qualify for Boston (3:30 time 4:45/km pace) Now - i am a bike commuter... whats a goal? To run cars off the road?

  • Anurag S.

    Anurag S.

    Kitchener, ON, Run without injury!

  • Earla R.

    Earla R.

    Vancouver, BC, Get fit. Live a healthy lifestyle. Do more long distance running once 100% free-injury. Lots of marathon medals to collect:)

  • Paul S.

    Paul S.

    Toronto, ON, My current goal is to run 10 km in under 60 minutes. I have done it it is time to get back in shape.

  • Sharon H.

    Sharon H.

    San Diego, CA, Keep at consistent workouts to rebuild fitness level to return to running.

  • William S.

    William S.

    Kitchener, ON, ENDURrun 2013

  • Richard


    Oakville, ON, To run Boston (done) - goal times..1:30 half(not yet )20 minute 5K(I've done it once, I can do it again) to run 92 days in a row then get food poisoning (done)

  • Lucie H.

    Lucie H.

    Fort Myers, FL, Healthy Hottie Forever :o)

  • The Sf Marathon

    The Sf Marathon

    San Francisco, CA,

  • 1000tt


    Cardiff, GB, Cycling 1000 Miles from Turin to Tiger Bay, Cardiff to rise money for 2 cancer charities close to our hearts. We will take in 4 of steepest inclines from TDF

  • Margaret


    Hamilton, ON, My health , my sanity and another race soon

  • Cristina S.

    Cristina S.

    St Catharines, ON, 2nd marathon in october, then stick with 1/2 marathon race until spring 2012 comes and my goal to do Ultramarathons next year 31.1miles and 62 miles:-)

  • Ted L.

    Ted L.

    Toronto, ON, Running, Biking, Swimming: Faster and Farther.