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To stay healthy and keep running.

Wall of Motivation (128)

  1. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great morning for a run. on a workout

  2. Sherry
      Great Performance

    Pace is excellent! Great job! I would kill for that time! on a workout

  3. Tom C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice work! Those splits for hill repeats are awesome!! on a workout

  4. Angie M.
      Nice Job

    I dont blame your legs, its tooo cold :) on a workout

  5. Jim B.
      Nice Job

    Good distance! on a workout

  6. Paul C.

    Great race! on a workout

  7. Jim B.
      Great Performance

    Nice! on a workout

  8. Jay
      Great Performance

    Nice quick 8 thanks to the oversleep, enjoy the swim. on a workout

  9. Jim B.
      Great Performance

    Way to go! on a workout

  10. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great job on the spin and the follow up strength training. on a workout

  11. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great run Susie on an awesome morning. on a workout

  12. Jay
      Nice Job

    Roads got to be better in Lawrence than they are in Eudora. Nicely done this... read more

  13. Jay
      Nice Job

    Very nice pace to keep the body warm for the 6. on a workout

  14. Charlie G.
      Nice Job

    nice cadence!!! on a workout

  15. Jay
      Feel Better

    I completely understand the run with a cold, nice pace. on a workout

  16. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great morning windy 5 way to get a negative pace. on a workout

  17. Amy S.

    Woo Hoo way to go lady! on a workout

  18. Jay
      Nice Job

    Nice soggy 4 miler. on a workout

  19. Jay
      Nice Job

    I fell prey to the snooze button this morning also. Way to get 6 on a great ... read more

  20. Colinda T.
      Great Performance

    Awesome way to work it, Susie! on a workout

  21. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    I thought this weekend was going to be cooler than it has turned out - nice r... read more

  22. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great splits and hope you enjoyed the early birthday present. on a workout

  23. Mark N.
      Nice Job

    Nice stroll Susie, you deserve it! Hope you had a great 4th of July. on a workout

  24. David D.
      Nice Job

    I totally agree! Perfect for running almost chilly on the bike yesterday but... read more

  25. Norman W.
      Great Performance

    great to see your back out there... enjoy rebuilding the speed on a workout

  26. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    Nice!!!!! on a workout

  27. Meg R.
      You Rock

    Awesome attitude :) on a workout

  28. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    Little by little, you are coming back!!!! on a workout

  29. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    I feel ya. Hope it is only a few more days! on a workout

  30. Chris W.
      Nice Job

    I love it when people post about running with their families. Not enough kids... read more

  31. Geoff D.
      Nice Job

    Where was Mark this time? on a workout

  32. Meg R.

    It is so beautiful to be able to enjoy running together. You are truly lucky... read more

  33.   Hi-five

    Nice running this morning. on a workout

  34. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    That's a great work out you did today, Susie!! on a workout

  35. Jay
      Nice Job

    Great thoughtful run. I can't image what those families are going through. on a workout

  36. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    You are making me guilty. I know I should be swimming but somehow can't get m... read more

  37. Brian J.
      Nice Job

    Nice crappy avoidance run! ;-) on a workout

  38. Gwenyan
      You're an Inspiration

    You are so dedicated! on a workout

  39. Gwenyan
      Great Performance

    And I bet you mommed some dudes as well! Super GREAT one, Susie!!! on a workout

  40. Cecilia
      Great Performance

    Great race Susie! Amazing speed, especially with hills! on a workout

  41. Meg R.
      You're an Inspiration

    You guys are awesome. Perfect family event. :) on a workout

  42. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    Thatta girl!!!! on a workout

  43. Chris W.
      Great Performance

    That was damn speedy! on a workout

  44. Dj H.
      You're Funny

    What? You didn't puke? You didn't run hard enough. on a workout

  45.   Congrats

    Awesome!! Congrats on a great race, Susie! on a workout

  46. Gwenyan
      Good Luck

    Good luck, Susie. I'd say you are more than ready! on a workout

  47. Pavlos
      Nice Job

    Great 2 Susie! on a workout

  48. Mary C.
      Nice Job

    I completely forgot about Lizard this year and then saw all the riders out on... read more

  49. Gwenyan
      Nice Job

    Nice swim, Susie! on a workout

  50. Shannon H.
      Great Performance

    Way to go Susie! on a workout