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  • 1270 calories
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  1. RUN
    after--before the storm 11.5 mi

    after listening to the rain throughout the night, i thought surely i'd need rain gear for some morning miles. to my surprise, sun and blue skies poked through as well as the VA humidity—was so... read more

    • David G.
      David G.

      Ah, you beat the weather too, wonderful! Great long miles today and a nice variety of music:-)

      44 minutes ago Like

  2. RUN
    Breezin' through 5.5 mi

    had a hard time getting out the door for early miles this morning [head pretty sleepy] but the few miles [3] worked wonders and woke it up. : ) evening couple [2.5] were against a heavy breeze at t... read more

  3. RUN
    good summertime spring 8.5 mi

    another summer-spring day with a warm sun but a nice cool breeze. i wasn't quite mentally ready to run through super warm temps quite yet. first loop [5.4] was before picking up our packets fo... read more

  4. RUN
    good sunshine stressin' 7.1 mi

    wow. the heat of the sun was intense at times today. wasn't expecting the summer-spring temps. the unexpected heat and a few stresses on the personal front made the first loop [5.1] kind of ha... read more

    • S Elizabeth Z.
      S Elizabeth Z.

      I felt the heat too! Wasn't really expecting that! Nice miles!

      3 days ago Like

    • Pierre V.
      Pierre V.

      It sounds like it is gonna be a hot summer. They say this is the 22nd hottest April so far for the last 100+ years. Well done on working thru it.

      3 days ago Like

    • David G.
      David G.

      Glad both the heat and stress alleviated the second time out Susan, super miles today!

      3 days ago Like

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      Thank u kind friends. Will try to soak in what cooler temps we still have. : )

      3 days ago Like

  5. RUN
    good 7.5 mi

    another beautiful spring day—blue skies, cool breeze. this season is golden especially after the single digits we had last winter. two loops today [5.2] + [2.3]—afternoon and evening. looked threat... read more

    • Darrell G.
      Darrell G.

      Another beautiful spring day...another beautiful run, Susan.

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Mike M.
      Mike M.

      I have a tendency not to check the weather so it was to my surprise when it started raining halfway through my run. Still was 100% better than the winter we had. Glad to see you got out twice on this beautiful day.

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Pierre V.
      Pierre V.

      2nd time round I see the "T" word in your post:-) Well done!

      4 days ago Like

    • David G.
      David G.

      Some more great springtime miles Susan!

      4 days ago Like

  6. Shared Photo

    hey pierre...this is for you. as a favored flower, i love seeing them, especially since (ironically) we live on tulip drive.

  7. RUN
    good spring in tempo 8 mi

    perfect running weather today—in the 60s with pink confetti petals on the walks from the blossoming trees. went for two loops out there—[6] + [2]—afternoon and evening and had enough umph to practi... read more

  8. RUN
    good april showers 5.5 mi

    short rainy loops today [3] + [2.5]. looking forward to blue skies again and less running gear in getting out the door. and regarding those flowers that these showers are to bring—our tulips began ... read more

    • Mike M.
      Mike M.

      I swear it took me longer to get ready to get out the door this morning than it did to run my first 5 miles. Great job of getting out there twice on this ugly day Susan.

      6 days ago Like

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    • Miguel R.
      Miguel R.

      Good rainy runs! I don't mind rain as long as it is not cold and in the summer I actually welcome rain

      6 days ago Like

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      Thank u Pierre and Miguel. I too agree that if the rain is in warmer temps and light, it isn't so bad. It's the extra coat and cap for protection that I'm not too crazy for [but thankful for to get me through].

      5 days ago Like1 person

  9. RUN
    alright soakin' in beauty 10.5 mi

    couldn't have been a more beautiful morning for miles [8.3] before coffee [actually it was iced berry tea today—perfect for a warm 70-degree day] with a great friend. evening miles [2.2] were ... read more

  10. RUN
    good springin' up 5.2 mi

    chilly, but beautiful for a few sunrise miles [3]. ended with a lovely cool evening, still soakin' in a wonderful spring day for a few more [2.2].

  11. RUN
    good soakin' in spring 8.2 mi

    perfect spring morning for a run [6] to my first cup-o-joe—blue skies and blossoms everywhere. had to fight a bit of a breeze but i've been in worse "hill" workouts. afternoon short ... read more

  12. Shared Photo

    cherry blossoms around hains point—a beautiful run. photo was taken last year, but still shows what we are seeing this week as well.

  13. RUN
    good sun and clouds 7.6 mi

    two loops today [5.1] + [2.5]. thought some of them might be under rainy skies, but that wasn't to be. in fact the sun came through this evening when i was expecting to hear thunder. came back... read more

  14. Shared Photo

    "treat Tuesday"

  15. RUN
    good blossoms and art 8.5 mi

    i chose today to be my time of running under the cherry blossoms around hains point. i try to do this a least once when they are in bloom—feel i have cheated myself of such beauty if not. it was ov... read more

  16. RUN
    good damp, chilly miles 8.5 mi

    kind of a drizzly day today with cooler temps. pulled out the running pants once again. first loop [3.3] was under a light spring shower and before coffee with a couple of other freelancers that i ... read more

  17. RUN
    alright fightin' for them 8.5 mi

    not too speedy today [some wogging in there too]. legs were kind of heavy and sore. made it through two loops [5.3] + [3.2]. second loop seemed a bit better than the first. still feel better for ha... read more

  18. RUN
    good pushing through 5.5 mi

    just two short loops today [2] + [3.5]. wasn't up for too much more. the day was sure beautiful, however. glad to soak in at least a bit of it.

  19. RUN
    good happy Easter 5 mi

    Managed to squeeze in a wakeup shakeout run [2] before an Easter sunrise service at the Lincoln memorial--a beautiful celebration overlooking the Reflecting Pool toward the Washington Monument with... read more

  20. RUN
    whippin' thru [actually it wh... 8.5 mi

    amazingly beautiful spring morning with perfect running temps [mid-50s]. the pull to get out was a bit deceiving however with a wicked wind whipping through the morning miles [6]. it made the temps... read more