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2015: Complete Vineman 70.3--and finish strong! Do a few half marathons, maybe a century, maybe another 2.4 mile swim. Try to stay as injury-free as possible.

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  • 4 miles
  • 01:35 time
  • 979 calories
  • 2 workouts
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  1. 910xt peeps--- I need help. Where would I find "swim time" as opposed to "total time"? My swim time today includes my rests between sets.

    Also, what is SWOLF?

    And, strokes p... read more

  2. swim
    great back to pool 2400 yd 01:02 45:08 pace

    Le sigh. Again, it's been too long since I've swam. Between my daughter being sick, and then being away for my husband's surgery...well, it is what it is.

    48 lap swim. Used my Ga... read more

  3. RUN
    great out-and-back 3.01 mi 00:34 11:11 pace

    Ended up being a great run, and I negative split by almost 30 seconds, but man, it was hard at first. That's what happens when you don't run in almost a week.

  4. VELO
    good three witches loop 17.64 mi 01:17 13.7mph pace

    Not the long ride I'd typically try to do on a Sunday. But with my husband recovering from surgery and me needing to both drop off and pick up the kids from Sunday school, it was the best I c... read more

  5. Thank you for all the kind comments and prayers. My husband came through his surgery great yesterday. Now on to healing and recovery but I think the worst part is behind us.

  6. RUN
    great waiting 3.1 mi

    Husband is currently in brain surgery all day. ..have hours to wait so I went for a run. In and around Golden Gate Park. Great stress release. Wow, hills. And I got rained on. Felt great.

  7. RUN
    great Mission Bay/Mission Beach 5 mi 01:00 12:00 pace

    After my swim, I went for a run around Mission Bay and then the Boardwalk out-and-back.

  8. swim
    great Bonita Cove 775 yd 00:15:00 34:03 pace

    My first open-water swim since Tiki at the end of September. I only did one lap---the water was cold getting in but I admit I was warmed up soon after I started to swim. My main goal was to get in ... read more

  9. VELO
    good hills! and more hills! 35.41 mi 02:48 12.6mph pace

    Did "Steve's Route with a Twist".....after going up Three Witches, instead of turning left and doing Del Norte I turned right and went back the way I came, back UP the Carmel Valley ... read more

  10. RUN
    great Costco Run 3.22 mi 00:37 11:29 pace

    I had pictures to pick up at Costo. I also had to run. So I did both. Mapped my route to run by Costo. Not only did I get to literally "run an errand" but it saved me from spending $100... read more

  11. VELO
    good to Cardiff Kook and back 40.6 mi 03:18 12.3mph pace

    oh boy. Much slower than usual. To the Kook and back. hot. Also rode with two friends. One hasn't ridden in 6 weeks and we kept having to wait for him up hills. A long time. Fi... read more

    • Steve S.
      Steve S.

      Doing it helps. But heat will always slow you down. Just what it is. Plan areas with more stops for water so you can use a bottle to pour over you. Keeping the core cool is the most important.

      17 days ago Like

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    • Dennis S.
      Dennis S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Well done Sugar! :-)

      15 days ago

    • Helene W.
      Helene W.

      A camelback maybe? The advantage with a camelback is that I use one of those small blue something (?) that one puts in the freezer. Can't remember what it's called :-(

      12 days ago Like

  12. RUN
    good out-and-back 6.11 mi 01:13 11:55 pace

    My first "long run" in 2 weeks. Hard to believe that just 2 weeks ago I set a PR in a half mary. Today I slogged through 6. Just goes to show how being sick and not running will affect, ... read more

    • Dennis S.
      Dennis S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Well done Sugar, Hope your knee feels better soon.

      18 days ago

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Great job, girlfriend. It is hard to run in this heat no matter how well you're trained. I see a Thursday run in our future once I get my half marathon behind me.

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    • Steve S.
      Steve S.

      Warm and not feeling good is a tough combination. I'm wiped after my ride.

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    • Tabatha H.
      Tabatha H.

      I always find that first run after a half to be the hardest. Great job.

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  13. swim
    back in the pool 2400 yd

    48 lap swim. First one with my new Garmin 910xt. Keep reading for questions.

    600 warm up
    4x75 drill/swim/drill (fists)
    4x75 drill/swim/drill (catch up)
    200 free
    4x100 controlled breathing
    3x200 f... read more

    • Steve S.
      Steve S.

      Distance is counted by an accelerometer, not GPS. It recognizes your acceleration after you push off. So if your push off is weak, it may miss a 25. If you accelerate hard mid-lap, it may count an extra 25.

      I hit lap after every set or sub-set. So if I do a 4x200 I hit start, after 200 I hit lap. When I start again, I hit lap again. Repeat.

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    • Dennis S.
      Dennis S.

      Well done Sugar! :-)

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    • Tabatha H.
      Tabatha H.

      Great new toy! Happy birthday.

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  14. RUN
    great local loop 3 mi 00:35 11:37 pace

    Slow run, my first in a week. Felt good until the last half mile, when my back started to spasm, but it already feels better.

  15. VELO
    great trainer at home 10 mi 00:40 15.0mph pace

    Distance estimated. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday, as I've been pretty sick. In fact, I'm still sick---I have no voice and am not sure how I'll lead tonight's ... read more

  16. RUN
    run fail 0.9 mi

    ugh. I've been sick most of this week. Luckily on Wednesday I felt well enough to do my big birthday bike ride, but the rest of the week I've had a combination migraine and a cold. Trie... read more

  17. VELO
    great 45 for 45 45.14 mi 03:23 13.3mph pace

    What better way to celebrate my 45th birthday than to bike 45 miles? Turned down offers of coffee with friends and lunch with my hubby to take a solo and reflective bike ride. Up the bike path to ... read more

  18. RUN
    recovery run 3 mi 00:35 11:42 pace

    Quads not killing me today as they were yesterday. Tried to catch the hailstorm---I've never run in hail before---but the hail stopped right when I walked out the door. But it was still pouri... read more

  19. VELO
    great trainer ride 10 mi 00:42 14.3mph pace

    Distance estimated. An easy spin while watching Parenthood, trying to flush out the lactic acid from my half marathon yesterday. Glad it's raining and I can't ride outside, I don't... read more

  20. swim
    speed set 2200 yd

    44 lap swim. Met Steve S. for a swim in a pretty hard rain. Pool felt like bathwater with how cold the air was.

    600 warm up
    50 fast
    50 easy
    2x50 fast
    50 easy
    3x50 fast
    50 easy
    4x50 fast
    50 eas... read more