Friends (17)

  • Josephine


    US, Run injury free!

  • Ultrarunnergirl


    Washington, DC, Miwok 100k! Become the baddest hill climber I know. Ride my bike a lot. Run trails with joy, eke out a few PRs and practice Bikram yoga.

  • Waleed S

    Waleed S

    Riyadh, SA, Run 100 mile I`ve not decided where yet. Promote Exercise as a medicine , Raise awareness of obesity and Related diseases

  • Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    CO, A balance of distance running and weight-lifting. Figuring out that balance of endurance and power.

  • Nursedude


    Newport News, VA, complete Grindstone 100 round 2, become a morning runner, raise 5,000 $ for the March of Dimes

  • Gordon H.

    Gordon H.

    Jacksonville, AL, Run Strong, Run Happy, Run With Purpose, BQ Ⓥ

  • Diane D.

    Diane D.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

  • Jen


    New York, NY, CONSISTENCY!!

  • Leah G.

    Leah G.

    Paso Robles, CA, To complete a half marathon in under 2 1/2 hours. (I'm slow). Maybe a triathlon someday. To get out for longer runs, if my ITBS doesn't hold me back too much.

  • Farra


    MI, Balance.

  • Momtosamco


    Denver, CO, Training to complete a marathon and weight loss.

  • Geoff A.

    Geoff A.

    Aurora, CO, an age group podium finish!

  • Geoff S.

    Geoff S.

    Erie, CO, Run 1000 miles in an ultramarathon. Nitor - to strive, exert oneself, make an effort, persevere...

  • Nick D.

    Nick D.

    CO, Finish Leadville 100.

  • Cristina S.

    Cristina S.

    St Catharines, ON, 2nd marathon in october, then stick with 1/2 marathon race until spring 2012 comes and my goal to do Ultramarathons next year 31.1miles and 62 miles:-)

  • Todd S.

    Todd S.

    Boulder, CO, Stress Fractures healed, now on to - Crush the double aughts (:00) in 11! Aiming to go sub 17-5k(again), 28-5mi, 34-10k, 1:16-1/2M

  • Steven R.

    Steven R.

    Detroit, MI, Enjoy my daily training runs in preparation for my next ultra.