Wall of Motivation (1781)

  1. Petite
      Post a workout!

    Hope you are well. Just checking in on you Steve.

  2. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Good job Steve! I saw you running in front of the hospital this morning! on a workout

  3. Lori H.
      Great Performance

    Wow! Can't even imagine!! Hope you had a bunch of pancakes after :D on a workout

  4. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job Steve! on a workout

  5. James L.

    On the Money Bulldog! Congrats on yet another Podium! on a workout

  6. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Good job out there Steve! on a workout

  7. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Way to go Steve! Pretty fast on the mill! on a workout

  8. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Cool run Steve! on a workout

  9. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Awesome Job Steve! Congrats! on a workout

  10. Petite
      Great Performance

    FAST! on a workout

  11. Lori H.
      Great Performance

    Wow!!! on a workout

  12. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Steve, that was awesome! Nice job! on a workout

  13. Matt
      You're an Inspiration

    Another amazing achievement Steve! Congrats on the win. on a workout

  14. Michael L.
      Get Better

    Hey the HR shows your fitness is there. You'll get loosened back up and flyin... read more

  15.   Get Better

    Hope this ends as quickly as it came. :( on a workout

  16. Lori H.
      Great Performance

    Holy crap!! That's awesome, Ally!!! Such a strong runner!! Congrats!!!!!!! on a workout

  17. Rich
      Nice Job

    Awesome stuff mate on a workout

  18. Les G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sweet!!! look at those old legs go!! Lol Great job. Keep defying that age. on a workout

  19.   You're an Inspiration

    Congrats once again! I hope recovery is doing well ... on a workout

  20. Andrew S.
      Good Luck

    My theory is that the worst you feel during taper the better you feel race da... read more

  21. Susan S.
      You're an Inspiration

    My garmin read 100% humidity! Nice run. Enjoy your race!! on a workout

  22. Michael N.

    You are just amazing! Such an inspiration for us old guys! on a workout

  23. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Super miles this weekend Steve! on a workout

  24. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice job on the miles and pace Steve! on a workout

  25. Stevie M.
      Nice Job

    Whoa nice work Steve.. on a workout

  26. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Wow Steve! Major miles with awesome pace! on a workout

  27. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Awesome Job Steve! Good to see you and Ally there. on a workout

  28. Michael L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Daaaamn! What a run! Just an ordinary weekend 50k for the Beast of the East! on a workout

  29. Les G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice!! You get to go from fatigued legs to sore legs from an hour going down ... read more

  30. Michael L.
      Great Performance

    Great info! on a workout

  31. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! on a workout

  32. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Super job Steve! on a workout

  33. Greg S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Incredible job, Steve. You never cease to amaze me. on a workout

  34. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Wow-a lot of miles there! on a workout

  35. James L.

    Boom! So damn fast... on a workout

  36. Larisa D.

    Speedy! Huge congrats. on a workout

  37. Josh N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to go, Steve! Way to show McMillan it calculated incorrectly ;). Perhaps ... read more

  38. Andrew H.

    Beautiful day for a run. Nice to chat about it with you and Ally at TJ's. on a workout

  39. Andrew H.

    You put those shoes into one hell of a workout! on a workout

  40. Andrew S.
      Feel Better

    feel better man! have a cuppa :) on a workout

  41. Andrew H.
      Get Better

    Hopefully this is the start of the recovery. Way to get out and get the sick ... read more

  42. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Steve! I saw you around mile 4, near the Hilton! on a workout

  43. Hollie S.
      Great Performance

    Wow great job. on a workout

  44. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job Steve! Wow! 20! on a workout

  45. Michael L.
      Nice Job

    YOU ARE DA MAN!!! Great job, Bulldog! Looking forward to the write ... read more

  46. Matt
      You're an Inspiration

    Sounds like you had an amazing race Steve. Congrats!! on a workout

  47. Les G.
      You're an Inspiration

    That's great!! Less than 70%. Total fat burner. Do that for a 100 and you wil... read more

  48. Les G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice meet up indeed. Love seeing you guys, even if it's at the Doc's office. ... read more

  49. Hollie S.
      You're an Inspiration

    What a zapper. Nice job. on a workout

  50.   Cheers

    Merry Christmas, Steve! on a workout