Wall of Motivation (14)

  1. Nathan B.
      Post a workout!

    Hi Aunt Lolo :-)

  2. Cristen C.
      Get Better

    i know how much it sucks to have to take time off from running. hope you heal... read more

  3. Pat P.
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope the rest helps. Any clue how it happened? on a workout

  4. Cristen C.
      Great Performance

    nice speedwork! on a workout

  5. Pat P.
      Nice Job

    Sounds good, but forgive for asking, what's a "yasso"? :) on a workout

  6. Bill L.
      Nice Job

    Good job Lori! on a workout

  7.   You're Funny

    Fun! on a workout

  8. Cristen C.
      You're an Inspiration

    awesome! on a workout

  9.   You're Funny

    Moral: Bring mo' water. on a workout

  10.   Congrats

    Nice yoga workout! on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Nice run, Lori! on a workout

  12.   Nice Job

    Oh, and btw: I ran that morning for a training run and it was a bright humid ... read more

  13.   Good Luck

    Good luck on the 15K Saturday! on a workout

  14.   You're an Inspiration

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope she sees how much fun the races can be (and the star... read more