Wall of Motivation (30)

  1. Lee R.

    Sounds like your knee is doing better. thats good news. on a workout

  2. Kimmy M.
      Get Better

    I'm so happy you could do that hike with me. Hope your knee gets batter fast ... read more

  3. Catherine M.
      Great Performance

    :-) on a workout

  4. Catherine M.
      You're an Inspiration

    rockstar!!!! on a workout

  5. Catherine M.
      Great Performance

    Sweet!! Way to go! I know... snow in October and heat wave in December? on a workout

  6. Catherine M.
      Nice Job

    :-) Sounds like a beautiful scenic run!!! on a workout

  7. Catherine M.
      Great Performance

    sweet! on a workout

  8. Catherine M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome!!! on a workout

  9. Nathan D.
      I'll Beat You :)

    I will beat you one of the weeks!

  10. Matthew P.
      Get Better

    Sucks man, but don't let it get you down! I'll have to bring my rig in next w... read more

  11. Kimmy M.
      Feel Better

    Hope you start feeling better and things heal up on a workout

  12. Lee R.
      Get Better

    You gotta watch out for those low branches! on a workout

  13. Nathan D.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  14. Lee R.
      Nice Job

    It was brutally hot out down here, nice job. on a workout

  15. Lee R.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job, took us forever, My knee started getting bad a little over half ... read more

  16. Dave M.
      Nice Job

    Yeah Tough Mudder! Hope you had a great race today man. That course was bruta... read more

  17. Lee R.
      Great Performance

    A trail run and a bike ride in the same day nice job on a workout

  18. Lee R.
      Get Better

    Yeah, watch those injuries, my knee has been bugging me now. I'm not sure if... read more

  19. Lee R.
      Great Performance

    Nice on a workout

  20. Nathan D.
      Great Performance

    nice pace! on a workout

  21. Lee R.
      Nice Job

    Nice, looks like you keep upping your pace. on a workout

  22. Lee R.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, the hills should help for the mudder!

  23. Lee R.
      Nice Job

    Nice job man, gotta add some squats int he mix to get ready for the mudder! haha

  24. Matthew P.

    You are half way there! (^_^) on a workout

  25. Dave M.

    GJ man. I just hit 5 as my own PB in prep for the mudder last sunday... it's ... read more

  26. Nathan D.
      Nice Job

    just jumping in there and doing 4.5 miles...nice!

  27. Lee R.
      Great Performance

    Nice man, thats pretty damn fast. on a workout

  28. Kimmy M.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! Time for some hills...

  29. Kimmy M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice job on doing abs - wish I was motivated to do them! on a workout

  30. Kimmy M.
      You're Hot

    The spandex and tan-lines are super hot.