Friends (52)

  • Ric M.

    Ric M.

    Idyllwild Pine Cove, CA, Have fun on the trails ... and maybe do a 50-miler in 2018.

  • Bee Yen S.

    Bee Yen S.

    Santa Rosa, PH, BDM160 ;-P

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Alex M.

    Alex M.

    San Clemente, CA, Be thankful everyday, be a positive influence on others and get back to giving back

  • Dj M.

    Dj M.

    Los Angeles, CA, Stay healthy and run injury free.

  • Raul G.

    Raul G.

    Palmdale, CA, is to be active in some way every single day of my eat healthy and raise a healthy, respectful family.

  • Dean Y.

    Dean Y.

    Sierra Madre, CA, For 2016, I want to stay injury free and increase my pace and endurance. I will save a dollar for every mile run and then buy something cool next Jan!

  • Leo D.

    Leo D.

    San Pedro, CA, To survive my training. I sign up for too many "Fun" races!

  • Michael N.

    Michael N.

    Los Angeles, CA, Spring Goal: 16:30 5k Summer Goal: 15:30 5k 33:00 10k Fall Goal: 14:30 5k Sub-31:00 10k

  • Hiro Y.

    Hiro Y.

    San Diego, CA, To stay health is the #1 goal and to eat & run. Yeah!

  • Daniel T.

    Daniel T.

    Los Angeles, CA,

  • Autavia Dior G.

    Autavia Dior G.

    Huntington Beach, CA, To run 2195.38 miles and six races in 2013.

  • Brian C.

    Brian C.

    Las PiƱas City, PH, Run a 100k Ultramarathon

  • Bob F.

    Bob F.

    Northridge, CA,

  • Klara M.

    Klara M.

    Cologne, DE, Main goal: keep at it until New Years Eve. Run a 5 km race in less than 35 minutes.

  • Terry M.

    Terry M.

    Valencia, CA, Lose weight and get back in shape!

  • Dan H.

    Dan H.

    Temple City, CA, Keep running

  • Louise S.

    Louise S.

    Auckland, NZ, Getting faster and stronger! Auckland Marathon then Taupo and Tauranga half IMs & Auckland 70.3. Then IMNZ & IM Aus with Tarawera 85km in the middle!

  • Pete


    , 2015 PRs at Mt Wilson Trail Race and Topanga Turkey Trot

  • Ethan T.

    Ethan T.

    New York, NY, Revised: Maintain my weight at 186 while building muscle mass, and run the SCV marathon and LA Marathon.

  • Titaniumrunner


    Manila, PH, PROJECT135.35.350.90 means hitting ideal weight of 135lbs in 90 days at age 35 years old with marathon time of 3 hours and 50 minutes for 2013

  • Marc A.

    Marc A.

    San Fernando, CA, Long Beach Half Marathon, Malibu Half Marathon, Las Vegas Half Marathon, Huntington Beach Half Marathon, and the L.A. Marathon

  • Junrox R.

    Junrox R.

    Manila, PH,

  • Freddy L.

    Freddy L.

    Santa Monica, CA, Sub 4:00 marathon, Sub 1:44 1/2 marathon, Sub 46 10k, sub 22:00 5k, Olympic Distance Tri, Half Ironman. One day an Ironman....maybe.

  • Ricardo R.

    Ricardo R.

    Sun Valley, CA, 100 MILE ULTRAMARATHON