Friends (42)

  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Cumming, GA, Atlanta 10-Miler 10/24 Savannah RnR 1/2 Marathon 11/3 Atlanta 1/2 Marathon 11/22 San Antonio 10K 12/1 DC Marathon 3/9/19 Skidaway 1/2 Marathon 3/23/19

  • Shelly C.

    Shelly C.

    PA, Forget goal, I have a PLAN to run everyday preferably on trails but there are not bad runs.

  • Anne Sluiter D.

    Anne Sluiter D.

    Dyer, IN,

  • Tiffany M.

    Tiffany M.

    Austintown, OH,

  • Erica G.

    Erica G.

    HI, To not be so hard on myself. To not compare myself to others. To be happy with what I accomplish each day, celebrate that, and thank God.

  • Christa B.

    Christa B.

    Dayton, OH, To become a stronger runner

  • Noel S.

    Noel S.

    Mexico, IN, My goals are always changing.. Going for Boston! We may get to 50 races this year!

  • Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    St Charles, IL, I am a "Marathoner" and Half Fanatic #3915. My goals are to break a sub 2 half marathon, and MAYBE one day get closer to a 4 hour full marathon.

  • Aisling R.

    Aisling R.

    Boulder, CO, >25H 100M (race 2/4/17), >10H 50M >6H 50K, >4H Marathon, >2H HM, 15% Body Fat.

  • Bryan K S.

    Bryan K S.

    State College, PA, 5k races and 10k races

  • Amy G.

    Amy G.

    Dauphin, PA, Run a sub 2:00 Half-marathon, Run a sub 24:53 5K

  • Pattie M.

    Pattie M.

    , I am a minimalist runner. My goals are to run a Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon !!

  • Todd M.
  • Amy



  • Tanya



  • Angela


    NH, 1500 miles in 2015. 1:45 half marathon. Run a marathon and feel good about my performance.

  • Francie S.

    Francie S.

    Coraopolis, PA, Goals for 2014 Pittsburgh Full Marathon (finished), Marine Corps Marathon

  • Ashley M.

    Ashley M.

    Tacoma, WA, To be a healthy mama, that fits in workouts as much as possible and models healthy living for my family and includes my 3 kids into my workouts too!

  • Brenda M.

    Brenda M.

    Worcester, MA,

  • Kenley J.

    Kenley J.

    Dillsburg, PA, To become as fit as I possibly can, and to run where no man has ran before. Develop core strength and all around body strength. Race sometimes. Get healthier.

  • Jill C.

    Jill C.

    Cincinnati, OH, Run a half, full, 50k and my first 50 miler and hold a 7 minute plank.

  • Caroline T.

    Caroline T.

    Salisbury Maryland, 3:25 Marathon and Qualify For The Boston Marathon

  • Kenneth T.

    Kenneth T.

    Galax, VA, To lose 35 pounds and become more than I am.

  • Meghann A.

    Meghann A.

    Tampa, FL, Ironman Florida November 2013!

  • Tania S.

    Tania S.

    Reading, PA, Shooting for my first 100-miler in fall 2014. Until then, running lots of trail and enjoying the ride!