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Speedy half-mary;finish a full-mar strong and healthy soon and Ultra next up! :-)

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  • Dennis S.

    Dennis S.

    Cebu, PH, Maintain ketogenic diet. Finish a 100K and 100-Miles Trail & Road Ultramarathon in 2018.

  • Caloy B.

    Caloy B.

    Philippines, PH, Run 'til I'm a hundred and one

  • Ryan L.

    Ryan L.

    Cebu, PH, Beat my best times: 5k - 21:36 21k - 1:38:40 42k - 3:39:13 50k - 6:18 100k - 13:39

  • Jay S A.

    Jay S A.

    Cebu City, PH, Run more often and bet my personal record every run. Join marathons and ultra-marathons. So help me Lord.

  • Katol V.

    Katol V.

    Farmington, MO, Full Marathon and Ultramarathon DONE! RUN for LIFE.... adding more LIFE to my YEARS and YEARS to my LIFE!

  • Donna R.

    Donna R.

    Morganville, NJ, Strengthen core. Build endurance. Gain speed. I want it all.

  • Marco O.

    Marco O.

    Cainta, PH, TO ENJOY LIFE :)

  • Richard C.

    Richard C.

    Manila, PH, World Peace

  • Sherwin M.

    Sherwin M.

    Philippines, PH, to improve my performance..

  • Quadra94


    Val-de-Marne, France, To have pleasure to run and empty my head

  • K M.

    K M.

    Portland, OR, 4:45:00 marathon & 1:59:00 half marathon

  • Amale J.

    Amale J.

    Cebu, PH, Go under 3:40 in Boston Break 1:43 on the half-mary Run all my life

  • Doc Nini

    Doc Nini

    Philippines, PH, To run more marathons and ultramarathons! To join a duathlon! To climb more and more summits! To run and run and have some fun!

  • Kathi M.

    Kathi M.

    , To run my first full marathon by year-end 2012!

  • Crestina


    Nanaimo, BC, Get back into running and run another marathon, hopefully. :-)

  • Lloyd L.

    Lloyd L.

    , Redemption Run - Coast to Coast Ultra And 2,000 kms by end of 2012 At least hit the 2:30 mark for Half-Marathon

  • Eric A.

    Eric A.

    Philippines, SUB2 for 21k baby. NO more Pabebe!

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Runtarantantan


    Cainta, PH, GOOD HEALTH.

  • Marvin P.

    Marvin P.

    Singapore, SG, to run: a half-marathon.. a full-marathon.. an ultra-marathon.. to bike? to swim? to row?

  • Bodjie A.

    Bodjie A.

    Kidapawan City, PH, tumakbo hanggat may lupa

  • Titaniumrunner


    Manila, PH, PROJECT135.35.350.90 means hitting ideal weight of 135lbs in 90 days at age 35 years old with marathon time of 3 hours and 50 minutes for 2013

  • Mark D.

    Mark D.

    Manila, PH,

  • Rundangerrun


    Playa Del Rey, CA, i'd like to run around the world then turn around and go back. not sure about the ocean, hmm, need to plan...

  • Estan C.

    Estan C.

    Makati City, PH, a full marathon by 2011; an ultramarathon in 2012