33256 total / 2504 in 2014

To stay healthy and get in lots of long runs this summer!

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  • Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Sacramento, CA, All time running goal: go from marathoner to BQ'er sub 3:00:00 26.2 sub 1:25:00 13.1 2013 Goals: 1) Run 5 marathons, 2) PR in the marathon, 3) run 365 days

  • Mary Ann F.

    Mary Ann F.

    Lawrence, KS, Focus on becoming a better half marathoner until my kiddos are older and more independent.

  • Juha H.

    Juha H.

    Helsinki, FI, Marathon under 4 hours this year. Half marathon under two hours for the next two decades whenever.

  • Sherrie



  • Susie F.

    Susie F.

    Lawrence, KS, To stay healthy and keep running.

  • Nathan V.

    Nathan V.

    Abbotsford, BC, Still need 1:20 half/ going after IRONMAN CDA 2014 for progress and other stuff

  • Kimberly B.

    Kimberly B.

    Tompkinsville, KY, Good health

  • Shelly C.

    Shelly C.

    London, GB, Just to run as long as I'm physically able too

  • Bryan


    Los Angeles, CA, To look good in a mankini.

  • Corey


    WI, goals for 2013 continue to place in my divison at 5k races and do some 10k/half marathons

  • Steve P.

    Steve P.

    Rocky Mount, NC, To stay in shape and keep up that battle against Mother Nature and Father time. We are all in this journey to fitness together!! 252-452-0580 WFOPCBH!

  • Darin S.

    Darin S.

    Lyndon, KS, FreeState 100K

  • Jim B.

    Jim B.

    Lawrence, KS, Finish a 100 mile race.

  • Indika M.

    Indika M.

    Overland Park, KS, Stay Injury Free!! Stronger and Faster!! Enjoy the Journey!!!

  • Chris W.

    Chris W.

    Overland Park, KS, Lots of happy, healthy miles. A few big races, too. Rockin' K Trail Marathon on April 5, and the Flatrock 101K in Independence, KS, on April 26.

  • Ultrarunnergirl


    Washington, DC, Ride my bike far - a century, a brevet . . . Run trails with joy, eke out a few PRs and practice Bikram yoga regularly.

  • Lee O.

    Lee O.

    Kechi, KS, 1. Pikes Peak Marathon under 8 hrs. 2. Set a PR at Rock the Parkway 3. Keep running Marathon in under 4 hours.

  • Katie F.

    Katie F.

    Bailey, CO, Do another 100k or 100 miler.

  • Steve T.

    Steve T.

    White Settlement, TX, My goal is help to raise awareness of MS and to raise money to find a cure. I ride my handcycle because it is my way of fighting my MS and give others hope

  • Peter K.

    Peter K.

    Trenton, MI,

  • Martin P.

    Martin P.

    Cochrane, AB, To complete 10 Quests in 5 years and raise $1M for Right To Play to help 20,000 kids.

  • Megan M.

    Megan M.

    Overland Park, KS, For 2014: Hospital Hill 10k under 1:10, Psycho Psummer 10 mile under 3:00, WIN for KC Tri under 1:25, KC Half under 2:40.

  • Rachel U.

    Rachel U.

    Fargo, ND, Give God the glory. In all the miles & all the trials. Swear less at the Sawtooth 100 (done!) More self-supported ultra feats. Going beyond 100.

  • Bob


    Lenexa, KS,

  • Mark N.

    Mark N.

    Blue Springs, MO, I have one goal in life. To be happy.