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Wall of Motivation (13)

  1. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    back to back 30+ runs... super... on a workout

  2. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    that's a super-fast 400k to finish...!! way to go... on a workout

  3. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    Too good... what a distance & pace... on a workout

  4. Aishorjyo G.
      Great Performance

    Great run buddy..agree with Ram, hydration and eating sensibly is v important... read more

  5. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    C'mon.. this run in humid weather is something to be happy about.. on a workout

  6. Vikas S.
      Nice Job

    Nice fast one Sharan... buy why treadmil? it wasnt raining on Monday/Tuesday ... read more

  7. Mumtaz Q.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job,keep it up on a workout

  8. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    Superb.. despite starting with tired legs.. on a workout

  9. Mumtaz Q.
      Great Performance

    Great run Sharan. on a workout

  10. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    great run Sharan... on a workout

  11. Vikas S.
      Great Performance

    that's a massive distance & good pace in this heat... on a workout

  12. Aishorjyo G.
      Great Performance

    Great show mate! You are going from strength to strength on a workout

  13. Aishorjyo G.
      Great Performance

    Pheew..great running mate! You are really ramping up the pace these days :) on a workout