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  1. Jenny


    South Fallsburg, NY Revised goal: 500 miles in 2012! Plus, maintaining my weight training.

  2. Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Boucherville, QC Année 2013, part le training pour les premiers triathlon.

  3. Charile H.

    Charile H.

    St Paul, MN I do metabolic training at the YMCA. I am always trying to push myself to increase my aerobic capacity. I am currently at 48 ml/kg/min V02max after chemo.

  4. Allison


    Holland, MI To complete my first Triathlon in summer 2012 and to run a full marathon training with out being injured.

  5. Koalabear


    San Diego, CA following knee and shoulder surgeries, i am resetting my body/fitness goals to include running/cardio, yoga, and maybe a triathalon into my weight training.

  6. Jacki H.

    Jacki H.

    Des Moines, IA Beginning runner training for a half marathon.

  7. Allison V.

    Allison V.

    Gainesville, FL Training for a Marathon

  8. Chelsea B.

    Chelsea B.

    Annapolis, MD I am training for the Army Ten Miler and the Annapolis Half Marathon.

  9. Michelle A.

    Michelle A.

    Solihull, GB Training for Pink Ribbon 20mile walk on Saturday 9th June 2012 for Breast Cancer Care

  10. Nina


    Germany currently training for my first Marathon (Berlin on Sep 29) and to run a half in under 2 hours

  11. Kristine S.

    Kristine S.

    Citrus Heights, CA WS100 before I die...or it kills me training to do it. I don't care which one.

  12. Victoria B.

    Victoria B.

    Boston, MA I am simultaneously training for the Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco and a 2 week backpacking trip in the Spanish Pyrenees.

  13. Cherie L.

    Cherie L.

    Alameda, CA To run faster, stronger, longer. to not be afraid of the longer distances; but to embrace them instead. Training for a 5k/10k the end of the year.

  14. Deanna S.

    Deanna S.

    Arlington, MA I want to run a half marathon. I recently just hit my 100th mile since training. I would like to get 200 miles by the end of the summer!

  15. Esther


    My objective as a qualified personal trainer is to assist people reach their set targets and increase their satisfaction through realistic training strategies.

  16. Stefanie D.

    Stefanie D.

    Columbus, OH Training for my first full marathon, and hopefully many more!

  17. Harriet B.

    Harriet B.

    Derby, GB 10k and half marathon

  18. David V.

    David V.

    Blue Springs, MO training for warrior dash...missouri event!!! Second "Dash" this year! I'm hooked!

  19. Katie F.

    Katie F.

    Maryville, TN I want to keep a healthy lifestyle and continue to tone my body. I am in training to complete a marathon.

  20. Denise J.

    Denise J.

    Springdale, AR I want to improve my strength, my health and my overall shape...& my sister wants me do a 'mini' triathlon in KC in the spring. Wish me luck on that training!