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  1. Elizabeth R.

    Elizabeth R.

    Miami, FL Training for 3rd ING Miami Half Marathon January 2013. Training for HMO (Hot.Mom.Olympics.) Why lie? I want that ever elusive six-pack!

  2. Laurel H.

    Laurel H.

    Grand Forks, ND Fargo Table 5K April 23rd (in training), Fargo Marathon Go Far Challenge: 5K 20th, Half Marathon 21st (hardcore training)

  3. Dustin L.

    Dustin L.

    UT I am training for my first Triathlon and marathon set in 2011. I am training to be in the best shape of my life.

  4. Brian C.

    Brian C.

    Los Angeles, CA Training for 5th marathon, 1st 50k ultra, qualifying for Boston. Follow Crossfit Endurance for all training. exclusive Vibrams user.

  5. Megan H.

    Megan H.

    Campbell, CA Complete the Lavaman Olympic Distance Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii with Team in Training, to raise money to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

  6. Chandy M.

    Chandy M.

    Phoenix, AZ I'm training for my third half-marathon. I'm not fast, but my goal is to finish and have fun! I'm also training for a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike.

  7. David


    Greenville, SC My goal is to become the strongest, fastest, best I can be. I am training myself to match military training.

  8. Nichole A.

    Nichole A.

    Wylie, TX I am training with Team in Training to run my second marathon. I am running and fundraising for my step dad who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

  9. Vincent A.

    Vincent A.

    Washington, PA Training for Pittsburgh Marathon : and training to make my life Better!

  10. Brooksrunner


    Carlisle, PA I am going into my base training phase for my prep for Boston. I taking an entire new approach to my training with new changes to my diet.

  11. Trisha G.

    Trisha G.

    Phoenix, AZ To work on toning, flexibility and work on maintaining a healthy weight everyday (with rests ofcourse) :).

  12. Jamie S.

    Jamie S.

    Vancouver, WA I'm currently training with Team in Training for a half-ironman triathlon supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

  13. Katie Y.

    Katie Y.

    Richmond, KY Incorporate strength training and lose these last very stubborn 25 pounds, and then begin marathon training!

  14. Rebekah S.

    Rebekah S.

    Lincoln, MA 1) Improve the balance of my training between a) running and biking, and b) strength training and cardio workouts. 2) Sign up for another long running race.

  15. Frederick K.

    Frederick K.

    Hull, QC Lose 60 lbs in 2011

  16. Lee C.

    Lee C.

    Locust Grove, GA Add a lot of cycling to my training. Try swimming in my training.

  17. Amanda S.

    Amanda S.

    Olympia, WA First tri will be end of June. Want to qualify for Boston this year. Training for this. First 100 miler to be early 2015. Training for this by pushing out miles

  18. Heather M.

    Heather M.

    New goals! 3rd half marathon Nov.12. I want to finish feeling good and with a PB. New training plan- coach Jenny's busy girl half marathon training.

  19. Rene G.

    Rene G.

    Chandler, AZ I've got two 1/2 marathons down, one Tough Mudder race and am training for the next... Always training for life, staying healthy and balanced!

  20. Jenny S.

    Jenny S.

    Worcester, MA training for my first marathon with TEAM IN TRAINING!