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  1. Emily


    Lawrence Township, NJ Restart the whole running thing.

  2. Jd


    Haymarket, VA Not be injured and run a 100 miler.

  3. Sharon K.

    Sharon K.

    Brooklyn, NY Fit and strong for life.

  4. Chris


    Cheshire, CT get more fit

  5. Matt E.

    Matt E.

    Murray, KY 175lbs and fit; extras are: physical fitness, more energy, better attitude, stress management, you name it...

  6. Erin D.

    Erin D.

    Finish another half marathon in under 2 hours Avoid my running enemies: unbalanced life, poor nutrition, negative people, snooze button

  7. Douglas


    WI My name is Douglas. I am a Diamond Beachbody Coach. My passion is helping people lose weight & get in shape to lead healthy lives. Commit & Succeed.

  8. Arleen C.

    Arleen C.

    Cumming, GA My goal is to keep going....

  9. Erin


    Newmarket, ON

  10. Mason L.

    Mason L.

    Saskatoon, SK Happy Birthday Half Marathon

  11. Laura D.

    Laura D.

    Falls Church, VA Find training partners for local races!

  12. Pam C.

    Pam C.

    Louisville, KY Getting healthy, finally being back in the 100s, finding training/activity partners!

  13. Ida S.

    Ida S.

    Norway, NO I want to get in better shape and have fun exercising. Getting some online "training partners" seems like a good way to start.

  14. Nicolas


    San Diego, CA Finding new training partners and routes in the area

  15. Thomas P.

    Thomas P.

    New Port Richey, FL Complete my first tri. Looking for training partners.

  16. Maggie M.

    Maggie M.

    San Marcos, CA Stay fit, find training partners, do a half ironman eventually.

  17. Christopher K.

    Christopher K.

    Eugene, OR Run Eugene Half Marathon 2013! Looking for training partners...

  18. Lisaa S.

    Lisaa S.

    New York, NY Hi ,this is lisaa , I am ethlete . I love to make friends and interact with with . basically I am runner . I am looking for a training partners

  19. James C.

    James C.

    San Diego, CA I am currently training for the AFC half, and the Santa Barbara Marathon, November 6th.

  20. Jen


    Milwaukee, WI Beginning runner...just looking to learn from others and get better.