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  1. Tettyhermawati


    mw goal is increase my website

  2. Venice


    To keep myself fit, beautiful inside out, healthy, happy, strong and Productive :-)

  3. Ben W.

    Ben W.

    San Francisco, CA Beating my Chicago time at the SF half! Oh, and enjoying new running routes :)

  4. Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    San Francisco, CA Release the new dailymile iPhone app

  5. Sara K.

    Sara K.

    Madison, WI

  6. Fergus L.

    Fergus L.

    San Francisco, CA

  7. Anna C.

    Anna C.

    Wausau, WI

  8. Sasha M.

    Sasha M.

    Chicago, IL

  9. Adam F.

    Adam F.

    San Francisco, CA

  10. Peter F.

    Peter F.

    Boston, MA

  11. Jonathan B.

    Jonathan B.

    Los Angeles, CA

  12. Robert C.

    Robert C.

    San Diego, CA

  13. Henry C.

    Henry C.

    Washington, DC

  14. Cecilia L.

    Cecilia L.

    Madison, WI

  15. Marty B.

    Marty B.

    Salt Lake City, UT

  16. David K.

    David K.

    Madison, WI

  17. Brian S.

    Brian S.

    Koror Island, Palau Sub 20:00 5k.

  18. Tim K.

    Tim K.

    Brookfield, WI Stay healthy and physically active.

  19. Julie L.

    Julie L.

    Portsmouth, NH Get in some aerobic exercise every day, and to really meet my goal of a healthy body and smart mind. And swim swim swim.

  20. Francis D.

    Francis D.

    Denver, CO Entertain the world through fitness.