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  1. Chris C.

    Chris C.

    Longview, WA Maintain Fitness, Friendship

  2. Joe S.

    Joe S.

    Somers Point, NJ Fun, Fitness, Friendship, Century Rides. To get on the south side of 200 pounds. Move up to the "B" Group!

  3. Leanne A.

    Leanne A.

    I climb, hike, run, walk, cycle, swim and dance to keep fit. Just being average in all I do is good enough. Just enjoy the company and friendship from it.

  4. Nischint S.

    Nischint S.

    Bangalore, IN To become fit physically by exercise and mentally by exercising friendship... (if lucky love...) :P

  5. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    , West Friendship, MD

  6. Tri S.

    Tri S.

    Yogyakarta, ID friendship

  7. Ridh Y.

    Ridh Y.

    Indonesia My goal is to make as many friendship as I can.

  8. John David O.

    John David O.

    US Working toward 1750 miles for 2016.

  9. Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Fridley, MN To shake my injures and run sub 3:15 @ the ZoomYahYah indoor marathon, January 10th 2016

  10. Menno G.

    Menno G.

    Almere, NL zwolle to almere (90k) postponed. Route will probably change, but the ultra goal remains. june '13: Veluwezoomloop (52 k)

  11. Vikki W.

    Vikki W.

    London, GB

  12. Dan M.

    Dan M.

    Charlotte, NC Best Times: Half: 1:30:30 (Richmond '15) Full 3:11:50 (Columbus '15)

  13. Brent S.

    Brent S.

    San Diego, CA Have run 38 marathons, PR 2:47:11 at 2017 Phoenix Marathon. Hoping to run 26.2, sub 4, in every state (29 down).

  14. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Mississauga, ON Mississauga Half-Marathon

  15. Bill M.

    Bill M.

    Chandler, AZ nearing 70 and no longer jogging..goal is to continue 'fitness walking'..3.5-4.0 mph..15+ mile/week

  16. Sidney F.

    Sidney F.

    Tulsa, OK Find a Marathon, Train for it, run it, Qualify for Boston.

  17. Romans


    Letchworth Garden City, GB Social Cycling

  18. Anand J.

    Anand J.

    Chennai, IN Body building

  19. Evrim K.
  20. Amy W.

    Amy W.

    Break 1:30 in the half marathon and 3:15 in the full.