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  1. Flipper B.

    Flipper B.

    Rockford, IL Get FASTER Lose 30 lbs 20% Muscle increase Running Streak Year 4 1 hour off 50k time competent pistol squat in 2018 competent toes to bar in 2018

  2. Matt B.

    Matt B.

    Valley Center, KS Get motivated and back into race shape for a spring marathon, 50k, or 50Mi .... TBD

  3. Tricia C.

    Tricia C.

    Kansas City, MO 2015 1. Run 1375 miles 2. Marathon Maniac status: Bronze Level 3. Second 50-miler 4. More trail runs/races than last year!

  4. Todd C.

    Todd C.

    Lynchburg, VA I guess I need to update my goals for 2013. I want to do another half, but finish under 2 hours and keep improving my speed on 5k races.

  5. Jimmie R.

    Jimmie R.

    Cibolo, TX

  6. Aaron G.

    Aaron G.

    Minneapolis, MN Grandma's Marathon 2018

  7. Chris C.

    Chris C.

    Longview, WA Maintain Fitness, Friendship

  8. Joe S.

    Joe S.

    Somers Point, NJ Fun, Fitness, Friendship, Century Rides. To get on the south side of 200 pounds. Move up to the "B" Group!

  9. Leanne A.

    Leanne A.

    I climb, hike, run, walk, cycle, swim and dance to keep fit. Just being average in all I do is good enough. Just enjoy the company and friendship from it.

  10. Nischint S.

    Nischint S.

    Bangalore, IN To become fit physically by exercise and mentally by exercising friendship... (if lucky love...) :P

  11. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    , West Friendship, MD

  12. Tri S.

    Tri S.

    Yogyakarta, ID friendship

  13. Ridh Y.

    Ridh Y.

    Indonesia My goal is to make as many friendship as I can.

  14. Pangaré F.

    Pangaré F.

    Fortaleza, BR Some ultramarathons what I want to run in 2010 - that is my thirtieth year in athletics, hiking.

  15. Neal L.

    Neal L.

    Batavia, IL 1. run at least 15 mi. per week at least...2. Half Marathon in the Spring 2012....3. under 160 lbs.

  16. Elisa C.

    Elisa C.

    La Línea De La Concepción, ES have a pizza without worries

  17. Jacob P.

    Jacob P.

    Foothill Ranch, CA perfection

  18. Wendy P.

    Wendy P.

    SOME kind of fitness activity for 45 min/day

  19. Michele P.

    Michele P.

    Just to enjoy myself!

  20. Janet D.

    Janet D.

    WA Tough Mudders in Seattle-2012 Sprint Triathlon-Summer 2012 Xfit Certification-January 2012 Xfit Games Qualifier