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  1. Tenny A.

    Tenny A.

    Madison, WI Endurance rides - HHH, Dairyland Dare; Running - Madison Marathon (1/2)

  2. Kate P.

    Kate P.

    Guthrie, OK Get back to running long distances after taking a few months off.

  3. Adam G.

    Adam G.

    New York, NY eatmorebacon

  4. Jason H.

    Jason H.

    Orange, TX

  5. Lury L.

    Lury L.

    health :)

  6. Becky S.

    Becky S.

    Kansas City, MO After a tough winter, my life (and thus my running took a hard hit.) But I'm back at it. Training for the Marine Corps Marathon 10.31.2010

  7. Sarah O.

    Sarah O.

    Urbandale, IA Fall KC marathon

  8. Vince K.

    Vince K.

    Lafayette, IN Maintain miles and lose some lbs until a fall triathlon or half marathon.

  9. Erik L.

    Erik L.

    Minneapolis, MN Reduce weight to 160 lbs. and run at least a 3:30 at the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon in October. Train for a mini triathalon sometime next spring.

  10. Dave H.

    Dave H.

    El Cerrito, CA 2nd Dan Taekwondo Black Belt

  11. Nicodemus F.

    Nicodemus F.

    Detroit, MI

  12. Jonathan R.

    Jonathan R.

    White House, TN Be able to ace the Army's APFT

  13. Bill W.

    Bill W.

    Atco, NJ ACS Philly

  14. Imran W.

    Imran W.

    Karachi, PK Fitness, Body Building

  15. Stephen C.

    Stephen C.

    Redwood City, CA Looking good naked.

  16. Tamara H.

    Tamara H.

    Milwaukee, WI To get my runner mindset back after 2 years of illness/health issues and to run the 8k Memorial Day Run on Grosse Isle again...where it all began.

  17. Benjamin P.

    Benjamin P.

    Bridgewater, MA sub 30min 5k

  18. Neil L.

    Neil L.

    Toronto, ON I quit smoking 10 years ago and have been trying to get my cardio back ever since. The running is part of this whole "get my shit together" process.

  19. Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Toronto, ON Myself! For fun, health and stress reduction and working towards a half marathon

  20. Runrocknroll M.

    Runrocknroll M.

    San Diego, CA Coming to you from the HQ of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series! Have a question? Comment? We're here to help!