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  1. Matt P.
  2. Johnny C.

    Johnny C.

    Jackson, MS

  3. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Forest, VA

  4. Shaina R.

    Shaina R.

    US To be able to run for 15 minutes straight

  5. Forrest L.

    Forrest L.

    Boulder, CO Lets see here... | Finish a full marathon | 5k in under 20 minutes | Compete in an Olympic Triathlon |

  6. Jackie R.

    Jackie R.

    Arlington, VA Boston is my goal

  7. Harley D.

    Harley D.

    Austin, TX Chicago Marathon on October 9th, 2011

  8. Katie


    Philadelphia, PA Complete my first half marathon in September!

  9. Kellen A.

    Kellen A.

    San Diego, CA 1. Half Marathon 2. Marathon

  10. Karen D.

    Karen D.

    Baton Rouge, LA

  11. John C.

    John C.

    Wylie, TX continue making myself better.

  12. Dan


    Twin Cities, USA Help Children in need, My Goal WAS to Run a marathon, Oct 7th 2012 COMPLETED!! Run Grandma's Marathon

  13. Jessica


    Wichita, KS My goal is to get in the best shape of my life! No better time than now. Would like to shed 30 pounds by July. So far I'm down 5 pounds!

  14. Mary H.

    Mary H.

    Siloam Springs, AR

  15. Sanghoon L.

    Sanghoon L.

    서울특별시, KR 10km - 0:37:59 Half - 1:23:59 Full - 2:49:59

  16. Jasmine J.

    Jasmine J.

    Houston, TX

  17. Jozim E.

    Jozim E.

    Los Baños, PH To run fast and get slim

  18. Matt S.

    Matt S.

    FL Didnt know this site was out here, lol....Trying to become versatile in atheletics, not just weights, but running/jogging. help needed.

  19. Mama C.

    Mama C.

    complete marathon in October 2015 without injury

  20. Jesse P.

    Jesse P.

    Fond Du Lac, WI Maintain good fitness through cycling, running, weight training, and swimming.