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  1. Landon S.

    Landon S.

    San Diego, CA Half Ironman

  2. Jen


    Milwaukee, WI Beginning runner...just looking to learn from others and get better.

  3. Kevin A.

    Kevin A.

    Puyallup, WA Another half marathon and first marathon this year. I think there is an Ultra in my future.

  4. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.

    Platteville, WI Get into better shape, maybe attempt a 1/2 marathon

  5. Dave H.

    Dave H.

    Howell, MI To train myself back into shape after a very sedentry winter and get competetive in marathon canoe racing.

  6. Justin H.

    Justin H.

    Milroy, PA To lose fat, gain muscle!

  7. Jennifer


    Argyle, TX

  8. Jacob P.

    Jacob P.

    Foothill Ranch, CA perfection

  9. Cassie


    Portland, OR I would love to do a 5k race by March of next year!! Shamrock run here I come!!! And to lose 30lbs.

  10. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Pratt, KS Pratt Community College -PCC Cross Country/Track 'N' Field ... At least hit up a 28:00 5mile

  11. Matt P.
  12. Johnny C.

    Johnny C.

    Jackson, MS

  13. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Forest, VA

  14. Shaina R.

    Shaina R.

    US To be able to run for 15 minutes straight

  15. Forrest L.

    Forrest L.

    Boulder, CO Lets see here... | Finish a full marathon | 5k in under 20 minutes | Compete in an Olympic Triathlon |

  16. Jackie R.

    Jackie R.

    Arlington, VA Boston is my goal

  17. Harley D.

    Harley D.

    Austin, TX Chicago Marathon on October 9th, 2011

  18. Katie


    Philadelphia, PA Complete my first half marathon in September!

  19. Kellen A.

    Kellen A.

    San Diego, CA 1. Half Marathon 2. Marathon

  20. Karen D.

    Karen D.

    Baton Rouge, LA