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  1. Tammy C.

    Tammy C.

    Dallas, TX Trying to be a runner. Would love to do a triathlon but need support and advice.

  2. Real Estate A.

    Real Estate A.

    Fort Myers, FL Whether you are selling, buying, refinancing or looking for a Fort Myers Real Estate Attorney to provide sound advice, Halelaw Group Fort Myers Florida.

  3. Richie A.

    Richie A.

    Alexandria, VA My goal is to be a health person and also can give advice to another people to become health. <a href=""></a>

  4. Carolyn H.

    Carolyn H.

    10k looking for advice. Have slacked at times due to lack of preparation and recovery know how. Have training program, but difficulty keeping up.

  5. Jon C.

    Jon C.

    Phoenix, AZ Mesquite Canyon 50m 2018 Zane Grey 50m 20188 Western States 100m 2018

  6. April A.

    April A.

    Winchester, VA Overall goal is to just be happy, healthy and balanced.

  7. Chris


    Cheshire, CT get more fit

  8. Alan C.
  9. Lara Z.

    Lara Z.

    Anchorage, AK to keep improving as a runner, stay healthy, and keep pushing my boundaries, both physically and mentally!

  10. Linda B.

    Linda B.

    Toronto, ON Berlin Marathon

  11. Lida F.

    Lida F.

    Prague, Czech Republic Ještě jednou si naposled zaběhnout nějakou z tratí UTMB v Chamonix. K tomu mi pomáhej zdraví...a uměřenost hlavně!

  12. Sharon W.

    Sharon W.

    Oklahoma City, OK To leave this world as healthy as I can, LOL!!!!

  13. Katie M.

    Katie M.

    RI ...

  14. Harry K

    Harry K

    Franklin Township, NJ Stay Healthy & have fun running!

  15. Ronda W.

    Ronda W.

    Rockford, IL

  16. Stephen D.

    Stephen D.

    Montville, NJ As close to 4:20 and 9:25 as I can get.

  17. Paul T.

    Paul T.

    L'Ancienne Lorette, QC To reach 50 marathons

  18. Crystal K.

    Crystal K.

    Seattle, WA Run year round. Run some fun runs this year. :)

  19. Glenn D.

    Glenn D.

    Rocky River, OH Run happy, health and uninjured, meet new friends

  20. Matthew M.

    Matthew M.

    Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Marathon