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  1. Kaarina M.

    Kaarina M.

    Evanston, IL Heal my broken femur and complete Ironman Wisconsin on September 10, 2017 (my 3rd Ironman).

  2. Bee Yen S.

    Bee Yen S.

    Santa Rosa, PH BDM160 ;-P

  3. Perry S.

    Perry S.

    New York, NY Ride 1,000 miles in 2016 Sprint Tri Top 25% Age Group Complete Olympic Tri Swim a one mile workout Learn to flip turn!

  4. Karyn


    Livonia, MI Just be pain free from my cartilage transplant.......

  5. Susan Jz H.

    Susan Jz H.

    VA running pace of sub-8; continue with [at least] two marathons per year.

  6. Jay W.

    Jay W.

    Tilton, NH Break 30:00 in the 5K, get faster and fitter, do some more 10Ks as well.

  7. Domonic B.

    Domonic B.

    Atlanta, GA Beginning goal is to get my 2 mile time to under 17 minutes...all advice is welcomed!

  8. Kristopher B.

    Kristopher B.

    Bellingham, WA My goal is to run a 10K and then possibly a half marathon. Ideally, I will get back into running shape in three months or less.

  9. Krista P.

    Krista P.

    Portsmouth, VA The marine Corp Marathon on October 30th. I never thought I would ever be able to complete a 1/2 marathon. Did that 11/13/10. All advice accepted! =)

  10. Ciara S.

    Ciara S.

    To run my first half marathon this year, my first marathon next year!

  11. Jess M.

    Jess M.

    Somerville, MA Give and get training advice and share the passion of running and yoga!

  12. Amanda


    Charlotte, NC I am a newbie at this running thing...I am signed up for the Cooper River Bridge 10k this April!! Really excited about it!! Any training advice would be great..

  13. Amy G.

    Amy G.

    To lose 50 pounds,gain a healthier outlook on life I'm looking for people to give tips, advice and laughs along the way! Looking to walk 800 miles in 2011!!!

  14. Dm L.

    Dm L.

    Hanna City, IL I run and cycle for fitness and race prep, motivated by family who inspired me to start, but have move far away. Looking for on-line support and advice.

  15. Fallon R.

    Fallon R.

    IA Training for Triathlons and local races and to run my first Marathon this October… Advice from people is always welcome :)

  16. Terri L.

    Terri L.

    Denver, CO I want to live a healthy lifestyle. From eating habits to staying active and trying new things that invovle these 2 things. Im open to advice!!

  17. Mark T.

    Mark T.

    Prattville, AL Step up my fitness level from last six months. Get my mileage back up! (addition: Run another half-marathon) Weight goal: 185 --> Open to nutritional advice. :)

  18. Christoffer E.

    Christoffer E.

    Vallda, SE To become an ultra marathoner. I really want advice so please leave comments.

  19. Brooke B.

    Brooke B.

    Lubbock, TX I am training for my first Triathlon! I'm super nervous but excited @ the same time! I have a lot of training miles ahead of me & greatly appreciate any advice!

  20. Debbie S.

    Debbie S.

    Atlanta, GA Just want to get back into shape! Any suggestions/advice are more than welcome!