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  1. Vee F.

    Vee F.

    Newtown, PA Complete a total of 18 half-marathons in 2013 to make it a total of 50 in 4 years. Run NYCM by 2015 and continue teaching Zumba® & Spin & Bootcamp.

  2. Hirnim
  3. Surney
  4. Sabrina G.

    Sabrina G.

    Bowling Green, KY Become a great Zumba Instructor! Next to make it to 530 miles for the yr. the dist from bowling green to Lansing MI (hometown).

  5. Vanessa


    Groton, CT New to the Groton area, trying to find places to run! 2013 Goals: Run 365 miles, complete 25 Zumba classes, halfway to GW by June, reach GW by Dec 31.

  6. Elisheva


    Israel becoming a runner, keeping up with swimming and Zumba, getting less fat, getting asthma more under control while doing all of the above

  7. Jurnuk
  8. Herbkmytn
  9. Womtub
  10. Rilal
  11. Maxime
  12. Mollie W.

    Mollie W.

    New York, NY There is a global market for Zumba Discount Code. That is going to be a lecture on this,

  13. Julie H.

    Julie H.

    WA 10 K, Better my TRI time too!

  14. Robin N.

    Robin N.

    Paducah, KY To lose 20 lbs-firm up-and be the healthiest I've ever been

  15. Khirston H.

    Khirston H.

    Yulee, FL Just run!

  16. Sarnak
  17. Lorneb
  18. Graham
  19. Manban
  20. Michelle P.

    Michelle P.

    2014 goal is to work on speed and endurance- 10k: 10 min or faster pace