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  1. Zen B.

    Zen B.

    Orlando, FL

  2. Zane
  3. Giovanni
  4. Deborah B.

    Deborah B.

    Chicago, IL Prepare for the Ice Age Trail 50 and for a five-day trail-running trip with Adventure Running Company.

  5. Burt L.

    Burt L.

    Honolulu, HI

  6. Angela S.

    Angela S.

    Madison, WI Keeping my mind and body strong!

  7. Adamm9


    MA Never be 350 lbs again. Set a good example for my kids. Show others that you can lose weight and change your life. Run more ultras. Run happy.

  8. Galandar


    Toronto, ON To keep being active.

  9. Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Marysville, CA San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, River City 1/2 Marathon, Parkway 1/2 Marathon and hopefully the New York Marathon. B2V alternate. Maybe the CIM as well!

  10. Brittany P.

    Brittany P.

    Monterey, CA Half-Marathon by August 2012

  11. Jenny C.

    Jenny C.

    Hartford, CT To be able to walk 8-11 miles for next year's Relay for Life...but ultimately a healthier me!! <3

  12. Tommy L.

    Tommy L.

    LĂ©vis, QC Find tranquility and joy in the act of running

  13. Jacek B.

    Jacek B.

    Warsaw, PL 95 kg :-)

  14. Rajan B.

    Rajan B.

    Ludhiana, IN

  15. Matthew C.

    Matthew C.

    Mystic, CT Finish Tough Mudder 2012. Become rock solid.

  16. Melissa
  17. Brain
  18. Nick
  19. Josef
  20. Anthony