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  1. John R.

    John R.

    US yoga pants, yoga jeans, cheap yoga pants, long yoga pants, pink yoga pants, tight yoga pants, best yoga pants, women’s yoga pants, white yoga pants, where to b

  2. Shivayoga
  3. Clint
  4. Diego
  5. William
  6. Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

    Lincoln, NE PR in Oly Tri distance Get increasingly lean and strong Make my 40's even better than my 30's!

  7. Lisa


    Nashville, TN Overcome the plantar fasciitis issues, get my half time to 1:45 or below & eventually get well under a 3:50 for the marathon distance. BQ sub 3:55

  8. Mania A.

    Mania A.

    Montreal, QC I like to get more fit, get my body stronger and healthier. I enjoy group workouts and specially Yoga. I am starting a 30 day Yoga challenge in mid Feb.

  9. Noble
  10. Matthias
  11. Devin
  12. Kieth C.
  13. Yoga K.

    Yoga K.

    Turramurra, AU At least one hour daily to yoga and other time to run.

  14. Lisa P.

    Lisa P.

    Jacksonville, FL become a 500 hour registered yoga teacher; Become an aquacize teacher

  15. Kristina F.

    Kristina F.

    Cambridge, MA Improve my running technique, as I'm fairly new to the sport...and continue to practice yoga!

  16. Rodrigo
  17. Mahiyoga
  18. Noe


  19. Garrett
  20. Fred