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  1. Helge J.

    Helge J.

    Trondheim, NO XC Skiing: Vasaloppet, Birkebeinerrennet Triathlon: Do my first races in 2012 Trollveggen Triathlon Axtri

  2. Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    Madison, WI To Beat You in Whatever You Do. 2011 Birkebeiner XC Ski Race - 54K General Fitness

  3. Sarah N.

    Sarah N.

    Palmer, AK Finish C25K and just be active in 2014 while losing 15 lbs in the process. (Jogging, Hiking, Cycling, Skiing)

  4. Paul O.

    Paul O.

    San Francisco, CA

  5. Cindi B.

    Cindi B.

    Houghton, MI Regain my summer running fitness for a nice schedule of half marathons. Maybe a marathon in late fall.

  6. Kathryn K.

    Kathryn K.

    Minnetonka, MN To not get fat

  7. Rebecca C.

    Rebecca C.

    right now I'm just running to stay in shape. I like to throw in an occasional 5k for fun :)

  8. Dustin V.

    Dustin V.

    Waupaca, WI Get healthy and stay healthy. Just enjoy the miles and not stress about performance. I'd like to get back to where I was in 2013-or at least close.

  9. Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Eagan, MN

  10. Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Ormond Beach, FL 2014: daytona 1/2 & Tomoka 26.2 :-)

  11. Jenny W.

    Jenny W.

    Janesville, WI Lose weight, increase endurance, look like a supermodel. Achieving 2 out of 3 goals ain't bad, right?

  12. Dawn W.

    Dawn W.

    Barrow, AK Another half marathon in 2015.

  13. Rod R.

    Rod R.

    Duluth, MN to keep fit

  14. Beth B.

    Beth B.

    Shelburne Falls, MA Run marathon #3 (Hartford) in October 2015 as a fundraiser for Parkinson's research and awareness.

  15. Ginger S.
  16. Andy K.

    Andy K.

    Ludington, MI Maintain healthy lifestyle while having fun.

  17. Chris N.

    Chris N.

    Kimberley, BC

  18. Lysa S.

    Lysa S.

    Moscow, ID 10,000 minutes of exercise in 2011

  19. Ben


    Calgary, AB

  20. Chris L.

    Chris L.

    Milwaukee, WI Become a professional cyclist, at least in America but hopefully internationally as well!