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  1. Justin S.

    Justin S.

    Phoenix, AZ I mostly mountain bike, but I also like to do an occasional half-marathon. See my AZ mtb writing at

  2. Chris C.

    Chris C.

    PA Run a marathon.

  3. Toni J.

    Toni J.

    Winchester, AR Is to maintain physical strength and overall health for as long as life would allow me. Always taking on new challenges - being able to say I did that!

  4. Chas W.

    Chas W.

    Cornelius, NC

  5. Will
  6. Beau
  7. Jakob
  8. Malik
  9. Dominique
  10. Rachael S.

    Rachael S.

    Lexington, KY Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon, Feb 13 2011

  11. Dan


    Colorado Springs, CO Run really, really far.

  12. Abbey F.

    Abbey F.

    Chicago, IL

  13. Jferwarr


    My health,my kids and to lose weight!

  14. Annisah


    Adelaide Sa, AU 1. Maintaining a size 4 booty! 2. Incorporating fitness into an otherwise gluttonous,social lifestyle 3. be happy & healthy

  15. Alec Ramses C.

    Alec Ramses C.

    London, GB To increase stamina, and to maintain physically fit body

  16. Kristina D.

    Kristina D.

    Yonkers, NY My goal is to lose a total of 236 pounds without weight loss surgery. That is a daunting task so I have chosen to break it down into 20 pound intervals.

  17. Greta K.

    Greta K.

    New York, NY 5 k

  18. Courtney H.

    Courtney H.

    Humble, TX Become beyond a 'walker'

  19. Kristy


    MI Run fierce. Run strong. Obtain a butt quarters bounce off of. Stop complaining so much. If I'm tired, run harder. Bike happy. Hood2Coast is my ultimate dream!

  20. Ashley Nicole S.

    Ashley Nicole S.

    De Queen, AR To lose 50 pounds and up my mile run.