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  1. Leone B.

    Leone B.

    Wauwatosa, WI To walk around 21 miles a week

  2. Fitness P.

    Fitness P.

    Lafayette, CA Personal Fitness Plans App gives you the ability to create your own fitness plan. The drag & drop library features over 7,000 exercise images & videos.

  3. Reed
  4. Nah-Ty R.

    Nah-Ty R.

    Scottsdale, AZ My forever goal not only for this year is to stay fit and healthy... workout more and eat healthy foods...Focus, Dedication and Determination is a must... FDD

  5. Ahmed


    Cairo, EG my goal to be in a good health, and do my workout well

  6. Mike
  7. Neil
  8. Dan


  9. Aaron
  10. Angelo
  11. Gene
  12. Marcel
  13. Leroy
  14. Florence
  15. Bessie
  16. Kent
  17. Davis S.

    Davis S. When you start your workout sessions you must not lose focus or concentration else.

  18. Catalan G.

    Catalan G.

    Victoria, Australia

  19. Marianne K.

    Marianne K.

    Largo, FL Current 10 week fitness program - Mind, Body, Soul. Walking, hiking, yoga, tai chi, health seminars, & The Perfect Me Program.

  20. Veronica A.

    Veronica A.

    Los Angeles, CA Run a mile in under 8 minutes by 2011.