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  1. Torey G.

    Torey G.

    Tyrone, PA

  2. Brian Q.

    Brian Q.

    Stayton, OR Spin the wheel & see where it lands!

  3. Sohan B.

    Sohan B.

    Bangalore, IN To continue having fun!

  4. Lindsay S.

    Lindsay S.

    Edgewater, CO I have a dream of some day doing an Ironman. In order to reach that dream I have some goals of doing an ultra (done), a distance swim and some bike races!

  5. John L.

    John L.

    Fort Wayne, IN Ultimately to loose 100 lbs.

  6. Derek F.

    Derek F.

    Fargo, ND To excel at being awesome.

  7. Amanda J.

    Amanda J.

    Pittsburgh, PA Get into Police Academy (✓) Run 5k (✓) Sprint Tri(✓) 6.2(✓) 13.1(✓) Graduate Police Academy, (✓) , be the police (✓) 26.2, OLY Tri, 70.3, 104.6

  8. Mallory L.

    Mallory L.

    Just want to feel great.

  9. Jaime H.

    Jaime H.

    San Francisco, CA Training for a half Marathon in June

  10. Nisa S.

    Nisa S.

    Atlanta, GA Asheville Half Marathon September 28, March 16 - Biltmore Estate Marathon -Walk/Run! ON my way!!

  11. Joel B.

    Joel B.

    Lee'S Summit, MO 2012: R2R2R Grand Canyon and a 100 mile ultra 2013: oh the possibilities

  12. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Ludington, MI Break thirty minutes for a 5k by Spring 2013, and Complete a 10k in Sping 2013.