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  1. Greg B.

    Greg B.

    Redmond, OR This year I am running four races to raise $10,000 for the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon in memory of my grandmother Julia Sparks.

  2. Christopher H.

    Christopher H.

    San Francisco, CA Half Marathon

  3. Carmen S.

    Carmen S.

    Tyler, TX to lose 12 lbs and become more toned.

  4. Audra R.

    Audra R.

    Bellingham, WA Hood 2 Coast 2009 Skagit Flat 1/2 Marathon Bellingham 1/2 Marathon Half Fanatic in next 12 months

  5. Jackie T.

    Jackie T.

    Columbus, GA To remain Healthy and injury free! Run many races mostly 5k's and 10k's.....Ultimately run a half marathon!!

  6. Krystal F.

    Krystal F.

    Winston Salem, NC To be fit & strong.

  7. Larry B.

    Larry B.

    San Antonio, TX to stay in shape......i run about 20 miles per week at 9 1/2 minute pace per mile....i can go faster. i will probably do a half- marathon this year.

  8. Naomi


    San Francisco, CA have fun in everything i do!

  9. Jenna D.

    Jenna D.

    Chicago, IL Muster up the courage to actually run a half marathon. I can do it physically every week but races make me nervous!

  10. Kelly C.
  11. Christina D.

    Christina D.

    Aurora, CO Health, happiness, world peace...the usual.

  12. Rgbytrtl
  13. Susan


    Phoenix, AZ Participate in a marathon (jog/walk). I would like to be aerobically fit, more toned and lose 15 pounds by April, 2009

  14. Desiree G.

    Desiree G.

    Firebaugh, CA To get my self back to100% , and run a HALF~MARATHON

  15. Kelly W.

    Kelly W.

    Austin, TX health, wealth & happiness.

  16. Mark Q.

    Mark Q.

    Novi, MI To keep in shape, live a health lifestyle with good combination of exercise and play.

  17. Shannon J.

    Shannon J.

    Manly Nsw, AU Staying healthy and maintaining a reasonable level of fitness while I prepare to bring my baby into the world!

  18. Bud E.

    Bud E.

    Royersford, PA Pass my PT test with greater than a 94 (last year's score) Run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes.

  19. Jen O.

    Jen O.

    Beaverton, OR

  20. Mark A.

    Mark A.

    Chandler, AZ 50 marathons in 50 states. NM, NV, AZ, MO, CA, NE, MS, OK, MT, GA, TX done. Changing to 1, maybe 2 a year. More than that is too many