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  1. Stephen W.

    Stephen W.

    MD running, biking , weights

  2. Kate B.

    Kate B.

    Kingston, ON To lift weights often and run (or hill walk) a few times a week. I'm not going to take the miles too seriously.

  3. Erica W.

    Erica W.

    Increase work outs to 5 times a week; add more cardio workouts (cycle classes; treadmill; long walks); weights 3 times a week

  4. Joe H.

    Joe H.

    Woodinville, WA Get back in well rounded shape , with weights , swimming , running , and biking with a goal to do a triathalon or two next spring and summer .

  5. Charles R.

    Charles R.

    WI I love yoga, barefoot running, playing basketball, and liftin weights. My goal is to train so that I can defeat Batman.

  6. Matt S.

    Matt S.

    FL Didnt know this site was out here, lol....Trying to become versatile in atheletics, not just weights, but running/jogging. help needed.

  7. Duane L.

    Duane L.

    AB, CA I am training to stay in shape and to hopefully attend some rides in Alberta and B.C. this year

  8. Tom M.

    Tom M.

    Minneapolis, MN Complete 2 Half Marathons and 2 Centuries in 2011. 1st Half Marathon: Earth Day, St. Cloud. 1st Century: Mid-Spring, MPLS to St. Cloud 103 Miles Total

  9. Peter
  10. Matthew
  11. Jimmy
  12. Lorenzo
  13. Dean
  14. Clem
  15. Maj


  16. Erich
  17. Rome
  18. Royal
  19. Steve G.

    Steve G.

    Las Vegas, NV run 1st marathon, gain 10lbs of muscle (min)

  20. Daniela V.

    Daniela V.