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  1. Donna


    Long Beach, CA Good health, weight reduction

  2. Josh W.

    Josh W.

    Bat Yam, IL Weight Training

  3. Kim K.

    Kim K.

    Phoenix, AZ Just trying to stay consistant w/ regular running, weight training & good nutrition!

  4. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Geneseo, IL 2013- just run lots of races! Pile up the medals/trophies, improve my PR times, keep up the weight training, run a marathon(!!), maybe grow some facial hair =)

  5. Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    Fairfield, CA Short term: Log all runs in February. Long term: Become a better runner, lose weight.

  6. Hannah


    ND I want to lose weight, get healthy and eventually run a marathon. (I'd also like to hike the entire Appalachian Trail system one day.)

  7. Vanavern Z.

    Vanavern Z.

    Simi Valley, CA Walk daily,weight training 3 times a week. Bike stationary 4 times a week

  8. Julia Anne B.

    Julia Anne B.

    Atlanta, GA To keep moving well into midle-age. Would Like to run another marathon and century before turning 60. Maybe a duathlon? Continue weight training.

  9. Rachel J.

    Rachel J.

    Short term: 45-60 min aerobic exercise 6 days a week, weight training 4 days a week; Long term: lose 50-60 lbs

  10. Shane K.

    Shane K.

    To become more physically fit through weight training and cardio fitness.. which will lower my body fat percentage and increase my endurance.

  11. Shauna C.

    Shauna C.

    Boston, MA Fitness, health..weight loss.Completed two marathons in 7months looking for my third

  12. Darla K.

    Darla K.

    Columbus, OH Train for Memphis Half Marathon December 5th: Get to weight goal by October 29th.

  13. Joshua C.

    Joshua C.

    Green Tree, PA Shave my average time down to at least 7:30 minute miles. Bring my weight down around 180.

  14. Elizabeth O.

    Elizabeth O.

    Savannah, GA run a 5k, reduce stress and anxiety, become stronger, GAIN weight, be fit and healthy

  15. John A P.

    John A P.

    Philadelphia, PA Maintain 200lb body weight, get to ~10% body fat, be able to -routinely- ride a century

  16. Stephanie


    Completed all my goals so onto new ones; weight lifting, crossfit pro, enter 1st bikini competition next year & get BF% down to 10-12%!

  17. Gaurav R.

    Gaurav R.

    India, IN To increase stamina and decrease weight (become leaner) gradually without burning myself.

  18. Ja C.

    Ja C.

    Jacksonville, FL Be consistent in my efforts; maintain weight at or close to 180 lbs; finish what I started

  19. Angie G.

    Angie G.

    Arnold, MO Lose weight, tone up entire body, look good in a two-piece and keep up this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life

  20. Krista B.

    Krista B.

    Thornton, CO to lose weight and gain self esteem. To be able to wear a swimsuit and not be self conscious