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  1. Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    CO A balance of distance running and weight-lifting. Figuring out that balance of endurance and power.

  2. Daniel


    Washington, DC I'm looking to balance my weight lifting routine with more cardiovascular activity.

  3. Rachel P.

    Rachel P.

    Glendale, CA Run a second half marathon (possibly the Hollywood Half), build strength through weight lifting and increase flexibility.

  4. Hope G.

    Hope G.

    Eagan, MN To lose weight and train to run a half marathon October 2012! To keep up with xtraining with New Rules of Lifting 4 Women and yoga.

  5. Duane
  6. Genevieve


    Cornelius, NC Weight lifting 3 times a week Daily yoga stretch To run 12 miles a week Run a 13 mile race by December 2013!

  7. Rebekah Reidy M.

    Rebekah Reidy M.

    St Petersburg, FL Bolt Run, St. Pete Run Fest Half, Space Coast Full, Tri Key West Olympic

  8. John
  9. Lynette C.

    Lynette C.

    Manchester, NH - Bench my body weight. DONE - DL twice my body weight - Squat twice my body weight

  10. Cristina


    Washington, DC Challenging myself with lifting, running and fitness in general.

  11. Weightogo32


    Madison, WI I am currently focusing on weight loss and better health. I have a very large amount of weight to lose at this point. Eventually, I would like to attempt a 5K.

  12. Chris T.

    Chris T.

    Weight loss while retaining muscle

  13. Carie A.

    Carie A.

    Creston, IA Train while breastfeeding, run a sub-4 full, run a sub-2 half, run a sub-25 min 5K, run 1,000 miles in 2015! Perhaps run a 50K?!

  14. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Salisbury, MD Overall fitness and health as well as sports training. 175 lbs. by 8/1/13 Run in an official 10k race. Lose / Maintain weight

  15. Pablo R.

    Pablo R.

    Lose weight, gain muscle. I've ran several 5k's, a 10k, 2 triathlons, theVolkslauf, and I am proud to say I am a marathon veteran!

  16. Michele


    CT loose weight, tone up and be healthy! First season triathlete, novice runner trying to break into double-digit miles, increase road cycling average to 17+mph

  17. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.

    San Antonio, TX faster milage, weight loss, and longer milage.

  18. Imani S.

    Imani S.

    Houston, TX weight release; Goal = 125 & live a holistic healthy lifestyle

  19. Shane B.

    Shane B.

    North America, ZZ Weight Loss and Fitness

  20. Andrew F.

    Andrew F.

    Round Lake, IL Lose weight, gain muscle and become a faster cyclist. In 2011, ride in one or more timed cycling events like the Dairyland Dare and/or Race the Lake.