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  1. Leo


  2. Terrell
  3. Danielle D.

    Danielle D.

    Baton Rouge, LA To get in better shape for skiing and do more triathlons!!

  4. Mike R.

    Mike R.

    get 10 lbs off my frame.

  5. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    Minneapolis, MN

  6. Kim


    Cibolo, TX Ok, so I made my goals for 2012. This year I will get better at trail running. Remain smoke free. Cycle more.

  7. Bryon


    Colby, WI Train for the Twin Cities Marathon.

  8. Stephanie F.

    Stephanie F.

    Nashville, TN Be ski ready all year long

  9. Claudene K.

    Claudene K.

    Train for a 5K, overall health and fitness

  10. Sima M.

    Sima M.

    Ankara, TR

  11. Cara R.

    Cara R.

    Wichita, KS

  12. Ryan B.

    Ryan B.

    Newport, RI --Running 2012 Boston Marathon For Charity, goal of sub 4hrs --Overall better health and lifestyle

  13. Sherry F.

    Sherry F.

    Tucson, AZ My goal is to run for 30 minutes

  14. Laurence
  15. Louella M V.

    Louella M V.

    Wake Forest, NC run more faster! do another half marathon in 2013 do more races do another tri

  16. Tafney B.

    Tafney B.

    Aberdeen, SD Brookings Half Marathon on May 12

  17. Gayla S.

    Gayla S.

    Kansas City, MO To complete my half marathon training; Run 2 half marathons this year...possibly a full marathon in Tokyo in February.

  18. Amber


    Havre De Grace, MD Max out my PT test, and run a marathon.

  19. Cassie


    Tacoma, WA

  20. Allison


    Havertown, PA To not hate running, haha.