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  1. Barbara K.

    Barbara K.

    GA Keep running distance as long as possible. 15K in January, GA PublixHalf/2013 - Stay healthy and fit. Hopefully make a positive impact on others!

  2. Michaela Beth D.

    Michaela Beth D.

    Memphis, TN Half-marathon & marathon! Getting toned arms, firm legs, a healthy heart, and strong lungs :-)

  3. Kari K.

    Kari K.

    Milwaukee, WI rehab from achilles rupture on 10/7/2014. Short term goal: normalize gait; midrange goal: spring 5K; long term goal: 1/2 marathon late 2015

  4. Wayne D.

    Wayne D.

    New Orleans, LA To run a race in every state that I cover for work. To go play some sand volleyball at Coconut Beach.

  5. Julie C.

    Julie C.

    Long Beach, CA I'd like to get back the real me I used to be a few years ago. Running was one of the biggest things that kept me, me. Losing a few lbs wouldn't hurt either:-)

  6. Heather M.

    Heather M.

    Saint John, NB

  7. Jamie M.

    Jamie M.

    Tucson, AZ I want to get back into ultra shape!

  8. Abraham
  9. Dee H.

    Dee H.

    Marlborough, MA I need to get fit!- walking my dog, running and yoga/core. hope to run in more 5k/10k events this year and possibly a 1/2 someday, someday!

  10. Sydney
  11. Amber


    Duluth, MN Run my first marathon! :)

  12. Nancy W.

    Nancy W.

    Springfield, IL road races 5k and 10k, and running consistently everyday!

  13. Peter
  14. Richard
  15. Furman
  16. Martha
  17. Harold