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  1. Kim H.

    Kim H.

    Wonder Lake, IL walking another 5K

  2. Beccalou


    Daily walking , spending more family outdoor time , nature parks .....and as always SWIM !!!!!!

  3. Tanja


    Auckland, NZ Walking Stars half-marathon in under 3:30

  4. Tim T.

    Tim T.

    South Bend, IN Run for health and fun. Walking at first to lose weight and get into routine.

  5. Judi C.

    Judi C.

    US To run a 5k without walking

  6. Cynthia D.

    Cynthia D.

    Phoenix, AZ to go walking every day

  7. Katie V.

    Katie V.

    Denver, CO 1. Run a 5k (no walking) 2. Run 3 miles in 30 mins

  8. Keri R.

    Keri R.

    Summerville, SC to recover as quickly as possible from foot surgery so that I can be walking by January, running by February & playing tennis by April

  9. Sir Brownie

    Sir Brownie

    New York, NY Build my base by walking for now..Start running with my Master Pre after I turn 1 years of age.

  10. Olivia F.

    Olivia F.

    Dallas, TX to be able to enjoy walking my mile a day (maybe work up to several miles) and not get tired doing it.

  11. Drusilla G.

    Drusilla G.

    Groton, CT after having MAJOR spinal surgery last year i really want to get back into shape. start with walking and end with running

  12. Barbara Lynn G.

    Barbara Lynn G.

    Kilkenny, MN I am walking in the Susan G Komen 3 day !! So I need to do at least 20 miles a day!!

  13. Julie M.

    Julie M.

    Portland, OR Get back into shape so I can do my favorite things! Hiking, biking, camping, walking, climbing, swimming, and dancing!

  14. Carl


    Tampa, FL I am new to Dailymile. The goal is fitness: Walking/ Running/ Cycling

  15. Nancy O.

    Nancy O.

    Lodi, CA New # 1 goal: Run 1/2 marathon. Run Disney in September! 2. jog 4 miles without walking = check 3. Lose 25 pounds = working on it, down 20 since I started DM

  16. Jennifer C.

    Jennifer C.

    US Keep on roll go for cycle classes & out for biking. Walking too. get up & get moving!!

  17. Joe E.

    Joe E.

    Charlotte, NC To keep on walking!!

  18. Ann S.

    Ann S.

    Kensington, MD Committing to walking!!

  19. Jen E.

    Jen E.

    AZ To continue walking consistantly each week and strengthening my heart.

  20. Janine L.

    Janine L.

    Reading, GB Nordic walking Instructor who also loves running crazy miles for the charity WhizzKidz