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  1. Annie G.

    Annie G.

    New Zealand, NZ Back again!! I'm trying for the Idita-Walk Challenge again. 1049 minutes of walking in the next 35 days, starting February 1st.

  2. Jim


  3. Weldon
  4. Garfield
  5. Kian
  6. Melissa H.

    Melissa H.

    Upper Arlington, OH Just love the run

  7. Anne S.

    Anne S.

    Barrington, IL Run a half marathon in one year.

  8. David P.

    David P.

    Carmel, IN

  9. Chris C.

    Chris C.

    Longview, WA Maintain Fitness, Friendship

  10. Leigh


    St Louis, MO half marathons and marathons in 2010. Log 100 miles/week by...? **Goal had to change with surgery this summer, so whenever it feels right, I'll get up there.**

  11. Lena C.

    Lena C.

    North Yorkshire, UK 2016 goal is to complete 11 marathons or over and in September 2016 I want to run more than100 miles

  12. Jeff H.

    Jeff H.

    My goal is to workout hard and stay healthy. And get my six-pack back :D

  13. L


    New York, NY probably another half marathon

  14. Sarah


    Minneapolis, MN *Monster Dash 10 Mile- October 30 *Trying a triathlon in 2011 *Team Ortho Monster race series participant

  15. Elenna Ari H.

    Elenna Ari H.

    San Diego, CA Really I'm just trying to get myself back into my pre-pregnancy athletic state. It's been 3 years- it's time!

  16. Gabriel P.

    Gabriel P.

    Beverly, MA My Goal: CrossFit Level III - CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

  17. Shenequa A.

    Shenequa A.

    TX to one day get back in the physical shape that I was in when I played Division I College Volleyball...wishful thinking!

  18. Phillip T.

    Phillip T.

    Athens, TN Find another Iron Man to do.

  19. Harrison F.

    Harrison F.

    Yucaipa, CA To win something.

  20. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S.

    Roswell, GA