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  1. Matt P.

    Matt P.

    Philadelphia, PA To be able to do a beach volleyball tournament again

  2. Julie


    Herriman, UT My goals for 2012. Finish a triathlon (DONE), get my arm and shoulder back so I can serve a volleyball again (coming along).

  3. William B.

    William B.

    Brookline, MA To stay in shape for volleyball and to perhaps do a half marathon in the coming months.

  4. Craig S.

    Craig S.

    Columbia, MD make playoffs in a BB volleyball tournament this summer

  5. Shenequa A.

    Shenequa A.

    TX to one day get back in the physical shape that I was in when I played Division I College Volleyball...wishful thinking!

  6. Breit N.

    Breit N.

    Edgar, WI I'm a single mom, full-time student studying Sports Psychology, and part-time volleyball coach.

  7. Angela N.

    Angela N.

    Franklin, WI To Get Into Shape For Volleyball Try-Outs In A Few Months, And To Be Able To Run A 5K And Keep Up With My Mom! :)

  8. Nancy B.

    Nancy B.

    To be able to run the 8k for Children's Hospital on September 17th.

  9. Greg R.

    Greg R.

    Austin, TX Now that the beach volleyball season is over, I need to re-establish other healthy fitness habits. My goal is to return to training five days a week.

  10. Wayne D.

    Wayne D.

    New Orleans, LA To run a race in every state that I cover for work. To go play some sand volleyball at Coconut Beach.

  11. Holly


    Cullman, AL

  12. Kira L.
  13. Ashtyn H.

    Ashtyn H.

    Fort Wayne, IN

  14. Totemika


    Andalusia, Spain

  15. Devin S.

    Devin S.

    Chicago, IL Tone up, lose pounds, gain speed and kick some ass!

  16. Murray
  17. Ryan C.

    Ryan C.

    Chicago, IL

  18. Taryn H.

    Taryn H.

    Austin, TX

  19. Beverly C.

    Beverly C.

    Atlanta, GA

  20. Lisa O.

    Lisa O.

    Austin, TX