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  1. Kyle N.

    Kyle N.

    Calgary, AB Barefoot a Half Marathon, Run a Marathon in Vibrams

  2. Tyler H.

    Tyler H.

    Phoenix, AZ 10-mile long run, 40-mile weeks. Then speed work.

  3. Steph M.

    Steph M.

    Dexter, NY Qualify for Boston

  4. Sue O.

    Sue O.

    Santa Monica, CA Half Marathon Jan 12; 9 minute pace

  5. Charlotte


    Kazuno Shi, JP Complete, enjoy and finish the 50km Challenge within the time limit!

  6. Robert W.

    Robert W.

    Birmingham, AL Health, Run a Half-Marathon(Check), Run a marathon, stick with CrossFit regimen.

  7. Bryan S.

    Bryan S.

    Keller, TX Consistency...

  8. Benny T.

    Benny T.

    Chicago, IL Get slim. Quality for Boston. Eventually ultra-marathons and IronMan.

  9. Dan


    FL John Holmes 50k Trail run - Oct 8th 2012

  10. Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    Have fun and stay healthy!

  11. Simon W.

    Simon W.

    London, GB Short term: Just to get out and run. Medium term: Run 2013 kms in 2013. Long term: Run 24,901 miles (Earth's circumference) within the next 20 years.

  12. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Griston, GB I'm looking to solo walk the Coast To Coast walk at maybe 26 miles a day, and I want to complete a marathon this year!