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  1. Chrissy H.

    Chrissy H.

    Wilmington, NC A sub-four hour marathon would be nice, eventually. Until then, keep running and keep getting stronger and faster, while enjoying fitness and life.

  2. Chris K.

    Chris K.

    Boston, MA fun, endurance, transportation.

  3. Christopher B.

    Christopher B.

    Norfolk, VA Trying to get back up to 5 miles a day, with a weight loss goal of 15lbs. Mostly just a personal well-being thing, though.

  4. Jose G.

    Jose G.

    West Sacramento, CA To heal and run again.

  5. Abbey F.

    Abbey F.

    Chicago, IL

  6. Xavier S.

    Xavier S.

    San Francisco, CA

  7. Travis


    El Centro, CA to lose weight and get back in shape and of course have fun

  8. Nic


    Whittier, CA buy a nice road bike and nice track bikes and enter a beginner level cycling race either track or geared.

  9. Jennifer P.

    Jennifer P.

    Sacramento, CA Just Keep Running!!

  10. Michael


    Milwaukee, WI To do stuff from time to time, all the time.

  11. Dawn C.

    Dawn C.

    Louisburg, KS Sprint Triathalon

  12. Nicoal


    Portland, OR Run, walk, hike, ride, leap, bound.

  13. Rochelle J.

    Rochelle J.

    Melbourne, AU Sub 3:45 Marathon Sub 1:45 Half - Done and Dusted - 1:43:12

  14. Eunice M.

    Eunice M.

    Bothell, WA Weight loss for Health!!!

  15. Pancake


    1.200 calories a day. Height = 5'9

  16. Ashley P.

    Ashley P.

    Lansing, MI Detroit Marathon 2013

  17. Paul


    Cumbria, GB stay cool, learn to swim proper sub 20 minute 5k sub 40 minute 10k sub 3.30hr marathon complete a sprint tri open water swimming

  18. Patrick O.

    Patrick O.

    Roosevelt, NJ

  19. Vegan R.

    Vegan R.

    Northridge, CA

  20. Rosh


    mental health