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  1. Verna B.

    Verna B.

    Sacramento, CA Disneyworld Half Marathon, Jan 2012, with no breaking! PR 5k 24:02, 10k 48:32, half 1:54:40, marathon 4:43:42

  2. Melissa B.

    Melissa B.

    Waterloo, ON Fabulousness

  3. Becky E.

    Becky E.

    London, ON July 19 - Super Spartan September 5 - Sprint Triathlon October 18 - 1/2 Marathon

  4. Bethany S.

    Bethany S.

    MN To be happy, healthy, strong, and fit. I want to make the most of the here and the now.

  5. Wendy M.

    Wendy M.

    Victoria, BC Weight loss, fitter sports performance, running faster and faster....

  6. Sara J.

    Sara J.

    To run without pain and to firm up the parts of me that used to be firm before babies! I might even run a 5K race...but no promises :)

  7. Sarah


    Saint Paul, MN i want to KEEP running. i want to run races. i want to LOVE it. that's way more important than any specific time goals for me right now.

  8. Emma W.

    Emma W.

    Edinburgh, GB A sub-4 marathon. Get swimming! Ultras and trails! Barefooting!

  9. Alicen A.
  10. Tabitha S.

    Tabitha S.

    Indianapolis, IN Working up to 5 miles, 4 days/week 30 min. yoga X 6 days/week

  11. Jyoti H.

    Jyoti H.

    Franklin, NH right now just trying to get back into shape after having my 3rd baby. future goals are a 13.1 and a Triathlon :)

  12. Mary S.

    Mary S.

    Pebble Beach, CA More mileage, more strength, more fun

  13. Leora B.

    Leora B.

    US Finish the 2011 Baltimore Marathon

  14. Maria B.

    Maria B.

    Colorado Springs, CO Run the Rock n Roll Marathon Oct 8th 2011 for myself and my beautiful daughter Anna to raise funds for LCH Research. This will be my first!

  15. Erica C.

    Erica C.

    Plant City, FL My goal is to compete in a 10k around Christmas. Hopefully without passing out, LOL!!

  16. Christy


    Dallas, TX Finished my first tri in Oct '11, want to be able to run 1/2 marathon this year. Or another tri.

  17. Heidi C.

    Heidi C.

    Valrico, FL 5K then 10K then 1/2 then marathon and shrink in the process

  18. Eiren G.

    Eiren G.

    Manakin Sabot, VA Run a 5k by October

  19. Ysabella J.

    Ysabella J.

    Franklin, TN Run as many marathons as I possibly can!

  20. Laura T.

    Laura T.

    Chicago, IL To run a half-marathon.